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Snapdeal Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus for Software Engineer 1)

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Hi, Recently i was interviewed for Snapdeal Software engineer 1 Position in my college campus.

Round 1: Online
1) Check whether two given lines intersect or not,coordinates of end points were given
2) Find the number of paintings visible ,their positions as one dimensional co-ordinates of end points were given

Round 2: (1st face to face)
1) Inorder traversal of tree,time complexity and space complexity
2) Recursion ,iteration approach time and space complexity for preord and inord
3) Height of a tree
4) Diameter of tree
5) 2 stacks in an array,3 stacks in an array
6) Race condition, semaphores, timestamp protocols
7) What happens when we type
8) Without domain name how will you open a website

Round 3: (2nd face to face)
1) Check whether a given binary tree is BST or not
2) Reverse linked list iterative ,recursive code
3) Time and space complexity
4) Questions on Trie data structure
5) Searching an element in a b+ tree time and space complexity

Round 4: (3rd face to face)
1) Why B+ tree
2) Cache implementations
3) Explain a process in memory
4) An array of elements were given,you have to find a point from where sum of left side of array and right side of array are equal.optimize the code
5) Memory hierarchy
6) What are registers
7) Comparison of AVL trees ,red black trees and binary search trees
8) Implement a phone book ,search by name and search by number
9) How to give all possible names
10) If memory is less how to give all possible names

Round 5:
HR round
Basic questions about snapdeal
Why Snapdeal?

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Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019
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