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Snapdeal Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2020
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CV shortlisting Round: Total 92 students applied from all the branches of college (B.TECH’2020 BATCH + M.TECH ‘2021 BATCH) for internship in Snapdeal as a product analyst Intern role. The process was remote for which the initial round was CV shortlisting round. Around 25 students were shortlisted. What they have seen in CV were the keywords include SQL, R, EXCEL, etc.

Around 2 interviews were conducted. The last one is the  HR round that was for basic formality. All interviewers were very supportive and the interviews were through google meet as well as a telephonic technical interview.

Round 1 (50min TECHNICAL VIDEO INTERVIEW): I was asked about my CV, a brief introduction, and about my projects. 5 minutes given for all the details the candidate wants to tell the interviewer. I have done some good projects in Machine learning, Deep learning, and also have data science as part of my curriculum. So, the interviewer jumped into my projects and asked about my approach to the project and what new have I done in that code. Then he asked about the R language as it was mentioned in my resume. 

Questions on R as follows:

  1. What are the different data types used in the R language?
  2. What are the packages in R used for Visualization?
  3. What is dplyr package?
  4. How many packages I have worked on or used in any project?

I answered all the questions as I completed the R course from Coursera that covers the fundamentals of R language also I have used R for visualization of some dataset as part of my practical assignment.

I was also asked about the questions related to SQL. The interviewer was mainly focused on joins and types of joins. Some questions were as follows:-

  1. What are the joins? Why we use joins?

Then I was asked a question related to joining.  The interviewer gave me a question to write and ask to apply different types of join and tell the answer. It was a basic question where they wanted to know how much I  know about the joins and their use in tables.

(Question included duplicates also, so the interviewer wanted to see whether I know the case for duplicates or not)

  1. He asked a simple question on union with the example as well as the difference between union and union all.

After asking questions on the group by and Having and giving me different cases and scenarios he jumped to the algorithm part to check my logical thinking there he asked about the traveling salesman problem. I answered and gave the interviewer a brute force solution as I already told him that it’s an NP-Hard problem. After having a discussion on this, he then asked me some excel functions used for analysis and how to use it.

Overall my google meet interview was good and a total of 4-5 students was shortlisted in this round. I was one of them.

Round 2 (40min TECHNICAL TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW): The interviewer was friendly and told me that he knew my technical round has happened now he will check my thinking on numbers basically how good I am with numbers. He also asked a few questions on my projects and extracurricular activities. After that, he gave me a guess estimate where he wanted to know my approach. I already solved 10-15 guess estimates problem and saw some video interviews where the people shared the approach to answer guess estimates, so he asked one simple problem to estimate how many students turn up to KOTA for coaching every year. The population of India as well as Rajasthan was on my tips so it was a way to easy for me to lay down the problem into subproblems and to reach an estimate. Analytics Vidya has many guess estimate problem from where we can practice. He was impressed by my approach, and then he asked me How an e-commerce site earns money ?. Then we had some discussion over it.

At last, the interviewer asked if I have some questions for him. I asked him about the role. What more we need to learn? He answered all the questions very politely.

Overall my 2nd round went great  and only 1 student was selected from my college and Luckily, That was me… 🙂

After that, I received a call from HR for some basic formality.

All the best for future aspirants.

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