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ServiceNow Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2017
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Servicenow Came to our campus on December 2nd

Round 1:
First he gone through my resume and asked about projects related to IOT, I just gave him the brief idea about project then he asked me to print a pattern in triangle shape like

* * * * *

* * *


After that he asked me about deque then he gave a question related to it there are n counters present and people are waiting in a single queue like in airport check in  and there are some vip people coming who should be given priority and sent first he asked me to design this using dequeue he was satisfied with my answer.

Round 2:
He asked me to introduce about myself then moved onto a design type question there are many cubes of different sizes(l1*w1*h1,l2*w2*h2,….)each cube of many in number we have to put maximum number of these cubes into a big cube of  l*w*h size. I approached it through greedy algorithm but he asked me to try in recursive manner and optimize it he was satisfied with my answer, after that he asked me about my projects he was not that satisfied the asked a question related to ds and algo to print all permutations of a string, I coded it completely he was impresses by my solution and asked me to optimize it I said we can use dp and asked question related to dp when can i use dp, where etc.

Round 3:
He asked me to introduce myself asked to print all permutations of a string(same as in 2nd round) and question on tic tac toe very much similar to printing all permutations and then asked me to add two numbers recursively i did that.

Round 4:
This is Hr Round gave some situations and asked me what would you do. Situation like if your peers are not friendly what will you do to complete a project as a team, if your manager makes a mistake how will you convey it to him, why servicenow, about company.

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