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SBI Clerk English Syllabus 2023

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SBI Clerk English Syllabus: English is a significant component of major competitive and government exams like SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO etc. Even though the general English part is difficult, applicants with solid English fundamentals can achieve good results. GeeksforGeeks has made it easy for SBI Clerk aspirants by compiling SBI Clerk English Notes and exam details in one place. 

This article will cover crucial general English important topics and SBI Clerk Syllabus 2023 so aspirants like you can get an understanding of the English section of the exam. Aspirants interested in applying for the SBI Clerk exam in 2023 should review the themes of general English for competitive exams since the English language is a crucial component of the SBI Clerk syllabus.

SBI Clerk English Syllabus 2023 for Prelims

The SBI Clerk 2023 preliminary examination syllabus will include Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability, and English Language. The detailed syllabus is as follows:

Reasoning Syllabus Quantitative Ability Syllabus English Language Syllabus
Logical Reasoning Simplification Reading Comprehension
Alphanumeric Series Profit & Loss Cloze Test
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test Mixtures & Alligations Para jumbles
Data Sufficiency Simple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & Indices Miscellaneous
Coded Inequalities Work & Time Fill in the blanks
Seating Arrangement Time & Distance Multiple Meaning /Error Spotting
Puzzle Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere Paragraph Completion
Tabulation Data Interpretation  
Syllogism Ratio & Proportion, Percentage
Blood Relations Number Systems
Input-Output Sequence & Series
Coding-Decoding Permutation, Combination & Probability

SBI Clerk English Syllabus 2023 for Mains

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus General English Syllabus General/Financial Awareness Syllabus Reasoning Ability Syllabus Computer Awareness Syllabus
Simplification Reading comprehension including Synonyms and Antonyms
  1. Current Affairs
  2. News on the banking industry
  3. Awards and honours
  4. Books and authors
  5. Latest appointments
  6. Obituaries
  7. New schemes of central and state governments
  8. Sports, etc.
Internet Basics of Computer: Hardware, Software, Generation of Computers
Number Series Sentence rearrangement or Para jumbles

Static GK – 

  1. Country-capital
  2. Country-currency
  3. Headquarters of financial organizations (of insurance companies)
  4. Constituencies of ministers
  5. Dance forms
  6. Nuclear and thermal power stations, etc.
Machine Input/Output DBMS
Data Sufficiency Sentence Correction/ Error Finding Banking/Financial terms Syllogism Networking
Data Interpretation Spell Checks Static Awareness Blood Relation Internet
Quadratic Equation Fillers Banking and Financial Awareness Direction Sense MS Office
Time & Distance, Work Cloze Test Inequalities Input-Output Devices
Partnership Puzzles Important Abbreviations
Profit & Loss Coding-Decoding
Simple and Compound Interest Ranking
Mixture and Allegations

Statement and Assumptions

Ratio & Proportion, Averages, Percentages

Important English Topics For SBI Clerk 2023

The SBI Clerk 2023 English Syllabus includes topics such as synonyms and antonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, cloze exam, reading comprehension, para-jumbles, mistake spotting, and more.

Candidates must have outstanding vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills in order to pass the general English component of numerous government tests. As a result, keeping up with the exact English syllabus is essential for preparing English for competitive examinations like SBI Clerk and securing an excellent result.

Spotting Errors 

Reading Comprehension

Para Jumbles

Paragraph Completion

Cloze Test


Direct and Indirect

Fill in the Blanks

Active and Passive Voice

Sentence Rearrangement

Sentence Correction


One word Substitution

Tips For SBI Clerk 2023 English Preparation

  1. Building vocabulary: This is the most important factor in acing the English language component of competitive examinations. Learn new words every day and use them in regular speech to help you remember them longer. Make advantage of flashcards to help you learn new words. Many apps have been launched in recent times which can teach you new English words to build vocabulary – download and utilize them to learn new words.
  2. Strong Grammar Basics: Brush up on and improve basic English grammatical concepts including nouns, verbs, pronouns, tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, degrees of comparison, and so on. To prepare, go through English grammar exams and instructions, as well as English novels like Wren and Martin. On a daily basis, practice exercises on tenses, active-passive voices, and so on. Take on writing assignments, compose coherent phrases, examine errors, and improve.
  3. Improve comprehension skills: Daily practice reading comprehension, identifying the style of the paragraph, and reading the first and end paragraphs completely two times. Take notes while reading to help you recall important concepts, and carefully go through the questions to help you recognize and discover the solution quickly.
  4. Reading newspapers and magazines: Reading relevant newspapers and magazines on a daily basis will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. Analyze sentence structure, take notes on new terms, and discover their definitions. All of this will help you prepare for general awareness as well as current events.
  5. Error spotting: Error Spotting is tricky since you cannot memorize all of the grammatical rules; nevertheless, with regular reading habits, you will immediately see the fault in the phrase. Reading exercises may help with sentence building. 

FAQ’s – SBI Clerk English Syllabus 2023

1. How to prepare for SBI Clerk English?

The SBI Clerk 2022 English Syllabus covers a range of topics, including synonyms and antonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, cloze examination, reading comprehension, para-jumbles, mistake spotting, and more.

2. Is SBI Clerk English tough?

Typically, the SBI prelims exam is of easy to moderate difficulty, whereas the mains exam is considered intermediate to difficult.

3. How to prepare English for bank Clerk exam?

This are the essential tips for Bank Exam English preparation:

  1. Master Basics: Strengthen your English language and grammar skills as your foundation.
  2. Time Management: Answer 25-30 questions in 15-20 minutes; manage your time effectively.
  3. Elimination Technique: Use the elimination rule to find correct options systematically.
  4. Daily Practice: Practice daily with a stopwatch, aim for 2 sectional tests and 1 mock test daily.
  5. Grammar Rules: Study Wren & Martin for basic grammar rules, they often repeat in exams.
  6. Vocabulary Building: Read newspapers, articles, and learn new words daily.
  7. Strategic Approach: Start with Vocabulary, then Reading Comprehension, followed by cloze test, fill in the blanks, and para jumble questions.
  8. Reading Habit: Read The Hindu daily to enhance written and spoken English skills.

4. How can I clear my SBI Clerk in first attempt?

Candidates must create a detailed study plan by thoroughly understanding the SBI Clerk exam syllabus and pattern. This plan should cover all subjects, sections, and topics. Allocating ample time to each section and establishing a well-organized timetable is crucial for effective preparation. Plan your study schedule thoughtfully to achieve success in the exam.

5. Is 1 month enough for SBI Clerk exam?

With dedication and consistent effort, following the right preparation strategies can enable successful bank exam preparation within a span of 3 months.

6. How can I improve my English for bank exam?

Enhance your vocabulary and grammar skills, strengthen reading comprehension abilities, improve speed and accuracy in spotting errors, and practice quick solving of para jumbles.

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Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2023
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