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Seating Arrangement | Aptitude

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2021

Overview :
The seating arrangement is the arrangement of people/objects logically. It can be a linear arrangement or circular arrangement. In circular seating arrangement, we arrange people around a circle while in linear seating arrangement, we arrange people in a line. Some detail regarding the objects/person and how they are seated is given, one should arrange either in a Linear or circular as mentioned. This concept involves the arrangement of people in many possible ways. In these type of questions, you will have to arrange a group of persons satisfying certain conditions. The questions on this topic can be asked in any sequence (linear arrangement, circular arrangement). By applying the logical analysis, we can perform the logical arrangement to answer the questions or decode.

Rules for Seating arrangement :
Here, we will discuss the rules as follows.

  1. Identifying the right and left in a given seating arrangement
  2. If it is not mentioned in the question we cannot assume left an immediate left.
  3. Always start the arrangement with complete fixed details.
  4. In the case of a circular arrangement, if nothing is mention regarding the direction they are facing then by default take it as facing Centre.

Features :
The questions on Seating arrangement are the most common types of questions asked in reasoning in all entrance exams. There are different types of problems with the concept of seating arrangement as follows.

  1. Linear Arrangement
  2. Square/Rectangular Arrangement
  3. Circular Arrangement
  4. Triangular arrangement
  5. Hexagonal arrangement
  6. Pentagon arrangement.
  7. Combination of the above.

Examples :
Following are some questions on seating arrangement as follows.

Example-1 : 
B, L, M, N, P, and Q are in a row. P and Q are in the center, B and L are at the ends. M is sitting to the left of B. Who is to the right of L?

Solution –
The seating arrangement is as follows.


Therefore, the right of L is N.

Example-2 : 
Five boys are sitting to be photographed. S is to the left of R and to the right of B. M is to the right of R. E is between R and M.

  1. Who is sitting immediate right to E?  
    Answer- M
  2. Who is second from the right?     
    Answer- E

Solution –
The seating arrangement is as follows.


Example-3 : 
Five girls are standing in a line. One of the two girls at extreme end is P and the other is B. A is to the right of S. C is to the left of the B. What is the position of A from the left?

Solution –
The seating arrangement is as follows.

Answer - 3

Conclusion : 
Seating arrangements can be asked as mixed with puzzles or any topic of logical reasoning. In any seating arrangement problem, the easiest way is from the possible cases, eliminate one by one using the statements. While solving questions, first start with the clues with more connectors. It is important that students practice all types of questions on this topic to ace it in any competitive exam. If you can solve seating arrangement questions with ease, then you can ace any competitive exam easily.

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