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Sapient Interview Experience for Java Developer 2020

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There was a total of 5 rounds.

Round 1(Technical Quiz): It was an easy quiz with a passing percentage of 50%. It had questions from Core Java, Multithreading, data structures and algorithms, Java frameworks like spring, hibernate, REST APIs.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interviewer asked about OOPS, Java 8, data structures. All these questions were told to be implemented (live coding)

  • OOPS, include:

    1. Overloading, Overriding, Interfaces
    2. Multithreading(partitioning, weight)
  • Java 8:

    1. The default method, the static method in the interface, Stream API, Lambda, Filter.
    2. The producer-Consumer problem, sleep-join, functional interface.
  • Collections:

    1. Programs on the list, map, treemap, the internal working of Hashmap, ArrayList, Linked List, Hashtable, IdentityHashmap.
    2. Differences between them and which to use based on the situations.
    3. Differences between spring and spring-boot.  

    1. How to create rest APIs, rest services, rest controller.
  • Design Patterns (MYSQL):

    1. Select query with the 3rd highest salary or finds out the second highest salary.
    2. Database MySQL with complex queries based on joins with subqueries and from java collection with Multithreading.
  • Some questions on the cloud: I could not remember those questions. 

Round 3(Technical Interview): The interviewer asked me about the project with in-depth work about each and every project. The technical questions based on my project. Implementation on the security perspective. Questions were asked on the frontend and database also.  

  1. Design pattern implementation was also asked.

Round 4(Managerial Interview): This round was taken by a senior manager and asked basic questions on my project. Apart from these few questions:

  1. Engaging with Openness: You have to share any previous example, incident, where any critical feedback has given to you n how do you work on that feedback? How do u take that feedback? Whether it’s constructive feedback, positive, negative.
  2. Inclusive Collaboration: How do u work in your team. Like everyone has a different opinion then how you all worked on it to take a collaborative decision?  
  3. Learning Mindset: Apart from java, what are you learning? And what’s new you are doing to learn new things? What steps are u taking for that?
  4. Partnering for client impact: Have you got any chance to deal with the client. If yes, then How do u deal with clients, with difficult stakeholders?

Embracing the future- what are your long term goals, and what plans you are making to achieve them?

Round 5(HR): Salary expectation discussions

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2021
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