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Samsung R&D Bangalore Coding Round Experience – NIT Jalandhar

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Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore visited NIT Jalandhar on 14/9/20 and the test was purely in online mode.

Test was on CoCubes’s Platform with proctoring (Camera on, Microphone on, Full Screen mode).

Only students of CSE, IT, ECE branches were allowed to sit with 7.5+ CGPA. 

We got the 3 questionsone three marks and two five marks questions with the time limit of 70mins with a window of 40 mins to start the test and according to the joining time, randomization was there. Some students got the same questions in random order and some got all different.

The IDE was very friendly and no problem was there in compiling/submitting the test. The questions were also not too tough.

1) First question was of 3 marks and the question was to Find the Last Non-Negative digit of a factorial (Present on GFG). 

2) Second question was of 5 marks and in that a binary tree was given and we need to complete a function such that the function accepts the root node and in function we need to find GCD of each pair of siblings and then find the maximum and minimum value of GCD. In the end we need to return the difference b/w maximum and minimum GCD Values.

3) Third question was also of 5 marks and it was the slight modification of the question – Letter Combination of a Phone Number (Present on GFG).

Some other questions which are present in other sets were – Sorting array of +ve and -ve values in one pass with maintaining the relative ordering, Sort a 2-D array row wise without using STL, Basic Tree questions including concept of cousins and Basic DP question was also there in some sets.

Languages allowed were C, C++, Java, C#

There was no bound on time for each question, overall time was 70 mins. 

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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