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Samsung Interview Experience – R & D Noida (Off – Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2019
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Round 1: 3 hours online coding round

This was a 3 hours coding round in which we had to code 1 problem having 50 test cases.  No STL is allowed. Here is the question:

There is one spaceship. X and Y co-ordinate of source of spaceship and destination co-ordinates of spaceship is given. There are N number of warmholes and each warmhole has 5 values.
First 2 values are starting co-ordinate of warmhole and after that value no. 3 and 4 represents ending co-ordinate of warmhole and last 5th value is represents cost to pass through this warmhole. Now these warmholes are bi-directional.
Also to go from co-ordinate (x1, y1) to (x2, y2), the cost is abs(x1-x2)+abs(y1-y2).
The main problem here is to find minimum cost to reach spaceship from source to destination co-ordinate using any number of warm-hole. It is ok if you wont use any warmhole.

Only those students were selected for the next round who passed all the test cases.

Round 2: Telephonic round (Technical)

1.) What is volatile keyword ?

2.) Name and explain storage classes in C .

3.) Explain whole process when any program in compiled.

4.) If we have 2 C files in same program lets say a.c and b.c. There is global variable declared in a.c, can the user access that global variable in file b.c.

5.) Lets suppose we call a function in main and that function is not defined anywhere in the program, will the program show error when runned. If yes, what type of error will it show ?

6.) Name some of the data structures.

7.) How to check whether the given linked list contains loop or not ?

8.) How to find starting point of loop in the linked list.
9.) How to check whether the given tree is BST or not.

10.) We have a data stream of integers and whenever an integer comes, it is placed in a sorted order. How to maintain sorted order whenever a next integer is encountered. What is the complexity ?

11.) What are scheduling algorithms ? Name and explain some.

12.) What is deadlock and how to prevent deadlock ?

13.) Explain mutual exclusion  in case of deadlock ?

14.) What is zombie process ? Give example also.

15.) Explain producer-consumer problem.

16.) What is Dining philosophers problem ?


Round 3: HR round (Telephonic)

1.) Introduce yourself .

2.) What are your hobbies ? (Then some questions related to my hobbies)

3.) How was your previous rounds ?

4.) Anything which you would like to ask.

Verdict : Selected


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