Samsung Internship exam experience

Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus for Internship. Exam was conducted in cocubes platform. Round 1 was of 2 hours duration. 1 hour for MCQs (60 MCQs) and 1 hour for coding questions(3 Coding Questions). MCQs were aptitude based (Verbal + Data Interpretation + Quantitative Aptitude).

3 Coding Questions are :

  1. Reverse a linked list in groups of given size
  2. There are n stairs, a person standing at the bottom wants to reach the top. The person can climb either 1 stair or 2 stairs or 3 stairs at a time. Count the number of ways, the person can reach the top (order does matter).
  3. This problem is little bit hard. Do help me if you found this problem somewhere or in case you solved this problem. Problem : Consider there are children and toys. Each child can be interested in any number of toys. However, each toy can belong to only one child and each child can get only one toy. You have to implement the following function: int DistributeToys(int c, int t, int** graph); The function takes a matrix ‘graph’ having ‘c’ rows and ‘t’ columns where value of graph[i][j] = 1 denotes child ‘i’ can get the toy ‘j’, 0 otherwise. The function returns the maximum number of children that can get the toys. Assumptions c > 0 t > 0

    Example : Input
    C1 : 0 1
    C2 : 0 1
    C3: 1 0
    Output : 2

61 out of 104 students were shortlisted for next round. I was not shortlisted.

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