D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 22 (For Internship)

This is my interview experience for DE Shaw India. They visited NIT Wrangell for the placement year 2017-18 .

First round, this was an online round with technical and some general apti and 2 coding questions. Aptitude questions where mainly from OS, Networks, OOP concept etc. coding qn : 1 was based on sorting and other was based on dynamic programming. Around 15 students were selected from this round .

Two technical interview rounds : these rounds included a lot of programming as well as theoretical questions . programming questions where mostly from dp, array and graphs where as theoretical questions spanned across OS, networks, oops, dbms . Also there was a discussion on my projects . A lot of programming questions where asked and interview went for quite a long time . Most of the people who cleared 1st round appeared for both the interviews .

1 HR round : a stress free round with just general questions being asked.

I highly followed geeksforgeeks for my interview preparation and it helped a lot .

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