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Salesforce Interview Experience for SDE Intern (On-Campus)

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Salesforce visited MNIT Jaipur in the first week of September for 2021 two month SDE summer interns.

Technical test (75 minutes): This round was conducted on Hackerrank. There were 3 coding ques:

  1. A binary matrix was given. 1 represents a house and a group of adjacent 1’s is called a village. Two houses are adjacent if they have a common edge. We need to find the maximum no. of houses in a village. (BFS)
  2. An array was given and you have to replace each element with its leftmost element whose frequency is greater than this element and find the sum of all the elements in a new array.
  3. Two 3-D matrices A and B were given each with N x N x N dimensions. We need to multiply the first two axes of A with the last two axes of B and return the sum of the elements. 



    A=B= 1 2 3 4
         1 2 3 4
    Solution: A'= { [ 1 2 3 4],         B'= { [1 2],
                    [ 1 2 3 4]}               [3 4],
                                              [1 2],
                                              [3 4],}
    Answer: { [22 32]
              [22 32]}
  2. Basically here we need to deduce from examples that we need to take two matrices as the input of dimensions A[n][n*n] and B[n*n][n] and then perform the simple matrix multiplication.

    I was able to do all the 3 questions and 14 students were selected for interviews.

Technical Interview round 1 (1 hour): This round started on zoom and then I was provided with HackerRank codepair link. I was asked two coding questions-

  1. Find next greater number with the same set of digits.
  2. Rearrange characters in a string such that no two adjacent are same

I was able to do both the questions. He then asked me about the time complexity and data structures used for the implementation of the priority queue, heap, set (Which I used for the implementation of the above problems).

The interviewer wished me the best of luck for the second round and I got a call within 5 minutes that I cleared this round. 10 students were shortlisted after this round.

Technical Interview round 2 (1hour 15 minutes): This round started with a brief introduction. He then discussed my POR’s for 5-10 mins. Then I was given one coding question.

There are some words and these are the only valid words in a dictionary. For each word, if I remove anyone alphabet and that word is present in the dictionary then I will add that word to the chain of my prev. word. The same was to be done with this word. Find the maximum length of the chain formed.


words[] ={abcd, abd , abc, a, ad}
chains formed:  a
Answer: 4

The length of the chain starting with abc is 1 as after removing any of the alphabets no word is in the dictionary. First I sorted the array according to the length of words. Then I stored the maximum chain length of each word in an unordered map and for searching if the word is valid or not I used to set. It took O(nlogn) time. I was supposed to write proper working code for this.

He then asked me about the difference between map and unordered map, the time complexities of the hashmap, set, and their internal implementation details.

Two very large numbers are represented in the form of a link list. We need to find the result of their division. I discussed two approaches one with repetitive addition of the smaller no. and one with multiplication. He asked me to compare both approaches. In this case, if I multiply with each no. starting from 1 then addition will be better. If I multiply and check with the powers of two and find a range for an answer then this will be the better approach.

I was asked to write a pseudo code for the multiplication of two no in the link list and store the result in the link list. He asked if I know OS and DBMS. I said that I know the basics of OS. He then asked about the topics that I know and asked me why I studied them. As we don’t have DBMS and OS as part of our course, so he didn’t ask any further ques.  

5 students were selected for the HR round.

HR round (30 mins):

  1. This round started with my introduction.
  2. I was asked to explain my projects.
  3. As my project was on web development he asked that if you were able to see the age of your posts yesterday and today the whole page is blank. What will be your steps to find the error? (He said that he will be judging me on how I structure my answers). My answer was internet connectivity, URL, if the database wasn’t corrupted, other pages are visible or not, etc.
  4. What are CSS and HTML?
  5. As I mentioned Chess in my introduction. He asked me about the values of chess. He then asked me to explain chess to a completely unknown person. I was supposed to start with that it’s an indoor game played between two persons.
  6. Find the angle between min hand and hour hand at 3.15.
  7. He asked me about the difference between C and C++ language, oops concepts then asked me to explain polymorphism to an 8th standard student. I took an example of an add function defined by his teacher and one by his friend and finally it will depend on him which function he chooses.
  8. Puzzle: There are 12 eggs in a carton and 12 persons in a line. Each person took one egg. In the end, one egg was still there in the carton. find how this can happen if no person has placed the egg back in the carton.
  9. Why Salesforce? I mentioned the values of customer success, trust, and innovation which I like the most about the salesforce. My interests and the technologies on which Salesforce works are somewhat similar.

After each round, I was asked if I was having any ques.

Finally, 3 students were selected for the summer internship, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

For preparation first I thoroughly solved all the questions on Interviewbit, then I read all the intern experiences of Salesforce from Internship Interview Experiences Company-Wise and almost all the questions were similar to those which I have seen in Experiences. A big thanks to the whole GeeksforGeeks team and contributors.

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2020
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