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Sabre Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2021
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Sabre onsite recruiting drew a total of 160 students with a CGPA cut of 9, and 8 were further selected. There were four rounds to the procedure. Let’s discuss the experience and look at some pointers for each round.

Round 1(Online Test): This round is comprised of 45 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and two coding problems.  Time Given – 100mins, Platform – hire pro.

  • 20 of the 45 questions were aptitude-based, while the other 25 were technical.
  • Marking scheme, codes were of 10 marks each, MCQs were having different marks, i.e. 1,2 or 3 like this.

2 Programming questions were as follows

  • Given an unweighted bidirectional graph, you need to count the number of all the neighbors which are at a maximum of 2 edge distances away from the given source node.
  • There are multiple strings given, 2 strings can have a relation among themselves if they are of the same size and differ by 1 char. Also If string A relates to B,  and string B relates to string C. Then string A will also have a relationship with string C. i.e. Transitive property will follow. You need to print in each new line group of strings that have relations between themselves.


  • All of the core subjects of computer science (DBMS, Operating System, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Networks) were covered in the MCQ part, as well as a variety of aptitude questions from diverse topics (Pattern recognition, Distance and time, Compound Interest, Data Interpretation, Next number in series, Loss, and profit, Time and days).
  • Technical MCQs also consisted of predicting the output of C programs, questions on en queue & dequeue operations in stack & queue, and debugging.

Round 2(Technical Interview): 

Time:  80mins. 

The interviewer started asking about my projects, Tech-stack, discussed how I implemented my projects for 10 mins. Then he wanted to discuss how I approached Coding questions in Online tests, how I can optimize my approach, what is the time complexity. Few of my friends were told to code down the optimized approach. Then a coding question was given in the chat, I was given 5 mins to read it, meanwhile, I was questioned on DBMS(indexing, why is normalization used) and OS(Scheduling Algorithm, Virtual Memory, difference between RAM and Virtual memory). Then I was straight away told to code the given question.

Question: Given a string consisting of char ‘a’ – ‘z’, space (‘ ‘), colon (‘:’), smiley (‘:)’), frowny (‘:(‘), and brackets ( ‘(‘ and ‘)’ ). A string is considered to balanced parenthesis if 

  • it is empty,
  • if it contains char ‘a’ – ‘z’ or space
  • if it contains ‘:’
  • if it contains smiley ‘:)’ or frowny ‘:(‘

You need to print true if the string is balanced parenthesized else print false.

Round 3(Management Interview):

Time: 30mins

This round mostly focused on project and internship-related questions. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself as soon as the interview began. Then he asked me to go over two of my past internship projects in great detail. Then there are a few project-related questions. Also asked me behavioral questions, and also asked why to join Sabre in Covid time.

Round 4(HR interview)

Time: 25mins

This round was all about getting to know me as a person. Every question and response revolves around you. So this shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be open to learning and show curiosity in everything.

Tips: Just be confident and keep a positive interaction, try to show your strengths with examples. And regularly revise DSA questions.

Verdict : Selected

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