Saavn Interview Experience

Saavn went for campus recruitment and students enrolled in B.Tech (CSE, EE) with CGPA greater than 7 can sit for online test. The overall hiring process was divided into 4 rounds which are as follows:

Round 1: Online Test:
The online test was conducted on interview bit, test was not so easy and not so hard as well, if you practiced well, then you can do all the 3 questions.

Q1. Longest Valid Parenthesis

Q2. Possible Decodings

Q3. Cash Flow Problem

Online test was of 75 mins and 8 out of 30 students qualified for 2nd round i.e FTF interviews. Cutt off to get selected for interview round was 1 question.

Round 2: FTF Interview 1:

The interviewer was very cool, he firstly asked about my internship project, which I did at Amazon Development Center, he was quite impressed, after that without wasting any time, he asked me some questions related to Binary Tree and Linked Lists and he also told me to write a nearly compilable code for the questions, which I wrote in Cpp.

He was constantly asking what is the reason behind every line of code and was having an eye over any corner case I am leaving or not. The questions was pretty easy I implemented all the codes efficiently, with which I was done with this round. He in the end gave me a set wireless headphones, which was given to everyone who passed the online test.
After the FTF 1st round 4 out of 8 qualified for round 3.

Round 3: FTF Interview 2:

This was also the technical round, there was the panel of 2 interviewers, they also asked about my internship projects, and some coding questions, which are as follows:

I was expected to write the pseudo-code for all the questions. They was very supportive and I never felt that I was in an interview, I was actually working on that questions with them to get to the solution.

Interview went well and after that I was directly headed to the HR round.

Round 4: HR Round:

She started with the introductions and then asked about my projects, my weaknesses, strengths, my interests, my short term long term goals and many other questions.

After all the rounds total 3 students was given the opportunity to join Saavn as a full time Software Developer and I was one of them 🙂
I suggest all the students to be clear with their concepts of data structures and algorithms, moreover practice as many questions as you can from GeeksForGeeks, and be confident (because if everyone is good at technical then this is the only way to look different among the crowd).

All the best!

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