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Reasoning Ability for SBI Clerk 2023

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Reasoning Ability, whether verbal or nonverbal, logical or analytical, is an intrinsic component of the exam pattern of the vast majority of competitive and ability-testing examinations like SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, etc. Reasoning Ability questions help institutions assess problem-solving, critical thinking, and computation, as well as the capacity to link distinct segments and forecast series. Furthermore, thinking and linguistic skills are often tested in Prelims Exams, serving as a screening test for following rounds of selection and, eventually, a personal interview. GeeksforGeeks has brought you the important topics, tips, and exam patterns to ace the Reasoning Ability section in the SBI Clerk exam.

Exam Pattern of SBI Clerk Prelims:

The SBI Clerk Prelims Exam will have 3 sections:

  1. Reasoning Ability
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. English Language

The time duration is 1 hour of SBI Clerk Exam. The exam pattern is given below:



No. of Questions

Maximum Marks

Time allotted
for each test


English Language



20 minutes


Quantitative Aptitude



20 minutes


Reasoning Ability



20 minutes

Total1001001 hour

Reasoning Syllabus For SBI Clerk Prelims Exam: 

Following is the list of topics that are included in the SBI Clerk reasoning syllabus 2022 for the prelim exams:

Reasoning Topics for the SBI Clerk Exam
Alphanumeric Series
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test
Data Sufficiency
Coded Inequalities
Seating Arrangement
Blood Relations

Important Reasoning Topics for SBI Clerk Exam:

Logical Reasoning:

Alphanumeric Series:

Directions and Distances:

Alphabet Test:

Seating Arrangement:

Coded Inequalities:



Blood Relation:


Input Output:

Seating Arrangement:

Ordering and Ranking:

Statement and Assumptions:

Analytical and Decision-Making:

Direction Sense:

Data Sufficiency:


Exam Pattern of SBI Clerk Mains Exam:

Candidates who reach the requisite cut-off in the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam will be eligible to take the Mains Exam. The Mains Section has only been slightly modified, with two new sections included, namely General and Banking Awareness and a Descriptive Test, with the test lasting three hours.

The Descriptive Test lasts 30 minutes and is worth 50 marks. This exam is used to assess candidates’ writing abilities through Letter Writing and Essay Writing.

S.No.SectionNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksTime allotted
1Reasoning & Computer Aptitude456060 minutes
2General Economy/ Banking Awareness404035 minutes
3English Language354040 minutes
4Data Analysis & Interpretation356045 minutes
5.English Language
(Letter Writing & Essay)
025030 minutes
Total1552003 hours

Tips to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in the Reasoning Ability Section:

Because of the wide variety of reasoning ability problems offered by exam-makers each year, as well as their fixation with turning simple ones into feared nightmares, passing this part takes persistent work, desire, and, most importantly, a lot of practice. Here are a few pieces of advice to aid you in your SBI Clerk 2022 Reasoning Ability preparation measures:

  1. Keep the finest study materials close at hand. Materials that adhere to the most recent syllabus are essential while studying for competitive examinations. It not only supports your preparation but also allows you to work on your strong and weak points.
  2. Carefully read the reasoning questions. The answer to the issue is frequently concealed in plain sight, but the barrier of jargon and words leads you on a different route. To avoid spending valuable time on trivial calculations, read each question carefully before answering it.
  3. One out of every five questions may have a few buzzwords or triggers that you should be familiar with in order to get to your responses fast. These forms of reasoning problems include ‘should be’ or ‘must be’ and, among other things, sports, finance, and fundamental science.

Frequently Asked Questions on SBI Clerk Exams:

Q1. What type of questions are asked in logical reasoning?
Ans: Types of questions that are asked in LR Section are as follows:

  • Identify the Conclusion,
  • Strengthen Conclusion,
  • Weaken Conclusion,
  • Point of Contention,
  • Point of Agreement,
  • Must be True,
  • Most Supported,
  • Statement-Assumption.

Q2. How can I Improve my Reasoning Skills?
Ans: Here are a few approaches you may take to improve your logical thinking abilities:

  • Spend time on hobbies that need creativity.
  • Experiment with questions.
  • Engage in social activities with others.
  • Acquire a new skill.
  • Attempt to predict the consequence of your decisions.

Q3. Why do We study Reasoning?
Ans: When you practice reasoning ability questions, you’ll get to see an increase in your ability to draw logical conclusions. Because this skill is so important in our daily lives, it is included in traditional IQ testing. The most common activity is for players to resume a number series.

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Last Updated : 09 May, 2023
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