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Syllogism: Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

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Syllogism is an essential part of various competitive exams in India. It is generally a part of the Verbal Ability section, and plays a vital role in examinations sharing 3 or 4 marks out of the total marks. There are many ways of reaching the final solution to questions of syllogisms. The most popular and easily used method of all is using a Venn diagram. Based on the statements given in the question, one should draw all the possible diagrams and one with minimum overlapping will be taken. Finally, options that satisfy all conditions according to the  Venn diagram will be considered.

Explore this article to learn more about syllogism and practice its related questions and answers.

Syllogism Reasoning Concepts

  • Only A are B can be rewritten as “All B are A”
  • Only a few A are B can be written as ” Some A are B ” as well as ” Some A are not B”. This means that some part of A is fixed in that it is related to B but the rest part of A has no relation to B.

Syllogism Questions and Answers

Direction: In each of the following questions two or three statements are given and these are followed by two conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusion and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows the statements:

Option A- If only (1) conclusion follows

Option B- If only (2) conclusion follows

Option C- If either (1) or (2) conclusion follows

Option D- If neither (1) nor (2) conclusion follows

Option E- If both (1) and (2) conclusion follows

Q1. Statement:  Only a few table are fish. No fish is desktop. All desktop is pen. 
1. Some table is not desktop.
2. All table being fish is a possibility.

Answer: Option- A

Some part of table is fish and all fish is not desktop. So conclusion 1 follows.


Q2. Statement:  Only perfumes are quiet. Some perfumes are shift. No shift is radius.
1. All quiet being shift is a possibility.
2. Some perfumes are radius.

Answer: Option- D


Q3. Statement:  Atleast some apple are bun. Few bun are cup. All cup are dancer.
1. Some apples are cup
2. Some dancer are bun.

Answer: Option- B


Q4 Statement: No plot is queen. No queen is rose. Only Sarita is rose.
1. No plot is rose.
2. Some queen are Sarita.

Answer: Option- A

It is clearly mentioned that rose can come only under Sarita.


Q5 Statement:  All hens are great. Only a few monkeys are rats. No rat is great
1. Only a few monkey is hen.
2. All monkey are great.

Answer: Option- D


Q6 Statement:  Only Choco are potatoes. No choco is tasty.
1. Some potatoes can be tasty.
2. Some choco can be tasty

Answer: Option-D


Q7 Statement:  Only books are correct. No correct is steam.
1. Some books can be steam
2. All books can be steam.

Answer: Option- A


Q8 Statement:  All Santa are superhero. All soldiers are Santa.
1. All Santa are soldiers.
2. All Santa can be soldiers.

Answer: Option-B


Q9 Statement:  All powder is chili. Some chili are nasty.
1. Some powder can be nasty.
2. All nasty are powder.

Answer: Option- A


Q10 Statement:  All wait are onion. Some wait are shadow. No shadow is comb
1. Some onion are not comb.
2. Some shadow being onion is a possibility.

Answer: Option- A


Q11 Statement:  All section are cup. All cup are box. No box is unbic.
1. No section is unbic.
2. Some box are section.

Answer: Option- E


Q12 Statement:  Only a few land is red. All red is pink. Some pink is tree.
1. No red is tree.
2. Some land can be pink.

Answer: Option- D


Q13 Statement:  Only a few oranges is banana. Some banana is egg. Some egg is apple.
1. Some banana is apple.
2. No apple is banana.

Answer: Option-C


Q14 Statement:  Only a few mega is peak. All mega is alpha. No alpha is omega.
1. All omega can be peak.
2. Some alpha can be peak is a possibility.

Answer: Option- A


Q15 Statement:  Only tree is manuscript. Some tree is leaves. Only a few leaves is caterpillar.
1. Some leaves can be manuscript.
2. Some leaves is not caterpillar.

Answer: Option- B

It is clearly mentioned that some leaves are caterpillars and as “only a few” represent that not all leaves can be caterpillars. For “manuscript” it is mentioned that it has relation only with “tree”.


Q16 Statement:  Some Madhuri is Kanika. All Kanika is Latika. Only a few Lallita is Chitra.
1. All Kanika can be Chitra.
2. Some Madhuri is Latika.

Answer: Option- E


Q17 Statement:  Only a few Seats are EWS. All EWS are Author. No author is child.
1. Some seats are child.
2. No child are seats.

Answer: Option- C


Q18 Statement:  Only a few claps are sepoy. All sepoy are commandos. All commandos are unique.
1. Some sepoy are unique.
2. Some sepoy can be commandos.

Answer: Option- A


Q19 Statement:  Some red is not black. Only a few black are colour. All colours are natural.
1. Some red can be natural.
2. Some black are not colour.

Answer: Option-E


Q20 Statement:  A few icecream are pyramid. Some pyramid are curtains. Only a few curtains are balloon.
1. Some icecream can be balloon.
2. Some balloon are pyramid.

Answer: Option- A


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Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2023
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