RBS Interview Experience (On-Campus)

 RBS came for campus placements and CS, IT, ECE, EE were the allowed branches.


Round 1: Online Test

it consisted of 52 ques to be done in 100 min. There were 2 coding ques, 10 aptitude, 10 lr, 10 english and 20 technical ques. Test was conducted by mettl. They shortlisted around 30 students from this round.


Round 2: Written technical test

It was an algorithm based test in which we were given 2 ques to be done in 25 minutes on paper. We were supposed to write code as well we can write algorithm. One ques was based on multithreading and another was to find subset having sum equal to a target. Proper commenting and explanation is preferred by the company. They always shortlist around 15 students for further interview.

Round 3: Technical + HR interview

They conducted a single interview in which he asked all of the ques. He asked me dbms, sql, oops concept and then asked me to develop a security system for a home. Then he asked some puzzles like who has come first hen or egg??and more like why severage has circular covers etc. Then he asked some hr ques like Why RBS??, Strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, Then he asked about how search on google works??

Interview continued for about 45 min with rigorous ques asked by interviewer.

Round 4: Since i was from ECE background  they called me for another interview saying they want to clear some doubts, there he asked me about multithreading, AI and machine learning basic definitions, why software despite being from ECE etc

I was finally selected among the 2 persons and i was fortunate even to have RBS despitee being from ECE domain.

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