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RazorPay Internship Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Apr, 2021

Round 1(1 hour 30minutes)

Consisted of 8 MCQ’s from OS, DBMS, OOP, DSA, and 3 coding questions.

MCQ’s had +5 -2 weightage whereas coding questions had +50

Coding questions :

  1. Decimal sum of Binary Numbers from 1 to N (
  2. Largest triangular subsequence in the given array( ) , though the constraints were steeper)
  3. Display sum of the elements of the array whose difference is closest to the given number k

I was able to solve 7 MCQ’s correctly and 2 coding questions fully and 1 partially.

Round 2(Technical Interview)

  • This started off with a basic introduction about me and the interviewer made me felt welcome by also introducing herself. Then she shared a doc that already had a question with a few test cases already written. The question was of “Medium” level. I explained the naive solution with time complexity O(n2) and space complexity O(1). 
  • Then I wrote a few edge cases and tried to break down the problem into simpler terms. After that, I wrote the optimized code in the Docs and explained the code while writing to the interviewer both verbally and also by adding meaningful comments.  I wrote down the general logic of the code and after checking all the edge cases, I also gave a brief overview of my approach. I solved the problem in O(n) time using O(n) space. 
  • After writing the code in Google Docs(not an IDE 🙁 ), I was instructed to copy the code in the GfG editor and execute all the given test cases. Finally, after making a few syntactical changes to the code, I was able to execute all test cases.
  • After all this I was asked if I had any questions, so I panicked and just asked for her feedback on my interview and she said that she was content with the interview. 

Round 3(HR Interview)

  • Here I was asked a lot of questions about my projects and core subjects. He also asked a few stereotypical HR questions. After we had gone through all the questions, he asked if I had any questions for him, so I just asked about his expectations from an interviewee and what topics I could improve upon. He did drop an odd pearl though.

Everyone is doing DSA and CP , so you need to also be good at DBMS/OS/OOP and core subjects if you actually want to stand apart from the crowd.

Final Verdict: I did get selected for the Internship 😉

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