Raja Software Labs Interview Experience

Round 1: Written technical coding round.

In this round I was given a booklet in which coding questions were given and provided space for writing solutions. Two sections were there, I don’t know why they called them sections but there were total 5 questions in that booklet. I am mentioning them below. I personally think getting into this company is easy all you need to do is practice more problems on string manipulations and arrays and you’ll get through. Glassdoor is a good place for searching questions which they might ask.

It is good to write optimum possible code as in further rounds they do ask you for improvisations.

Round 2: Technical Interview Round

In this round you’ll be asked for providing optimum solutions for the questions you were asked in the booklet if there are any possible optimizations. If you have attempted all the questions you’ll be asked different coding questions too. I was asked different questions in this round. You’ll need to dry run the code for several inputs. You’ll need to cover each and every corner test case, felling to do so might result in elimination. Basic competitive questions are asked but you have to be good with all the cases.

             I couldn’t go further with the interview process, but you could definitely make it. All the best for the interview. Don’t forget to visit glassdoor for having exact insight about the question they are most likely going to ask.

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