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20 Smart Questions to Ask at the End of Job Interview

Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2023
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As it is truly said, asking the right questions at the right time can help you in making the right choices! Similarly, when you are appearing for a job interview, just answering the questions asked by the interviewer and leaving is not enough. You should do the smart work and ask a few important questions from the interviewer to understand the company and the job profile more precisely. Because job interviews aren’t only for the employers but for the candidates too, therefore, it is vital that you ask questions to the interviewer. It is a great chance for you to learn about the company, its culture, and what impact it will create on your career in the future. 

So choose your questions wisely!


Asking the essential questions will help you to get a better idea about whether the company and the job profile are a perfect fit for you or not, and what exactly can you expect from the company in terms of both, professional and personal growth. Not just that, it also leaves a great impression about you on the employer that you are keenly interested in the job and are earnestly looking forward to joining the company for the long term.

What Kind of Questions Should Be Asked To Interviewer?

The smart interviewer should ask smart questions, that enquire about the company’s goals, the job profile, job description, responsibilities, growth and development prospects, expectations, the employer’s experiences, and the work environment are the smart questions that can be asked from the employer.

Such questions will not only give you the required information and insight about the company and your future at it but will also give the employer a conception that you are more concerned about the knowledge and growth aspects rather than monetary aspects and privileges. Here are the 20 questions that you can ask at the end of your job interview.

Smart Interview Questions To Ask During Interview

So, now let us take a look at 20 questions that you can ask the employer during your interview. Also, it is an important thing to do as it helps in clearing all the doubts and confusion, along with clearing your mind on opting for that particular job or not.

1. Can you share a little bit about your experience in the industry?

Why ask this question: Asking this question will help you to understand where the employer is coming from, how much experience they have, and what kind of knowledge they have about the industry.

2. How does a normal day at the office go?

Why ask this question: This question will help you in getting an idea about what your entire day at work will be like and what all happens in the office throughout the day.

3. On what basis will the performance be evaluated?

Why ask this question: Asking questions about the evaluation process will help you to understand the performance goals that you would require to achieve.

4. Are there any rewards given for achievements and exceptional performances?

Why ask this question: Rewards and certificates not only help in motivating the employees but also gives them recognition for their great work and outstanding performances in the company. This will enable you to get an idea of the company’s values and if they regard the exceptional work performances of the employees or not.

5. What is the review process for the job?

Why ask this question: This question will help you get an insight into how often the supervisor will review your performance and what the various parameters that your performance will be reviewed are.

6. What is the best part about working in this organization?

Why ask this question: When the employer will answer this question, their answer will help you to understand what according to them is the best thing about the company and if that is something that will help you survive in the company in the long run.

7. What are the main goals of the company?

Why ask this question: Although you must have read about the company’s vision and goals on its website still asking this question to the employer will enable you to understand the goals of the company and make a decision whether the company’s goals align with your professional and personal goals or not.

8. How has the work culture evolved in the company over the years?

Why ask this question: The employer, by answering this question can give you a fair idea about how the work environment of the company has evolved over time and become better (or worse!). This will help you understand whether the company’s work environment is suitable for you or not.

9. Are any team events and celebrations organized in the company?

Why ask this question: Team events and celebrations are crucial for building good bonds and maintaining enthusiasm in the organization which ultimately brings more energy and joy to work. Hence, it is another important question that will base your decision of joining this company or not.

10. Can you give me a brief about the criteria on which the company gives promotions?

Why ask this question: It may look a bit upfront but this is another important question that will cater to your doubts about how quick or slow your growth in the organization would be.

11. What would be my main learnings from the team and the company?

Why ask this question: You must know what exactly will you be learning from the team and the organization and if that is going to help you in achieving your goals.

12. What is unique about this company?/ What is the USP of this company?

Why ask this question: This question will help you to understand how the organization is different or better from its competitors and how the organization deals with and surpasses its competitors.

13. What would be my key responsibilities for the role?

Why ask this question: Getting clarity about your day-to-day core responsibilities is vital before taking up the job.

14. What skills are you expecting from an ideal candidate for this position?

Why ask this question: Asking this question will help you in understanding what exactly is the employer looking for in an ideal candidate and if you are lacking somewhere if is there any scope that you can match up to the required skills.

15. Is this a newly introduced job role in the company?

Why ask this question: If the job role you are applying for is a new position or if you are taking over someone else is important for you to know so that you will be able to understand the role’s importance and responsibilities accordingly.

16. How did you join this company?/ What made you join this company?

Why ask this question: Asking the employer how did they end up joining the organization will help you understand their thought process about the company and what was that x-factor that made them join the organization.

17. What challenges did you face as a new employee in this company?

Why ask this question: This question can help you in understanding the potential challenges that you can face in the initial days of joining the organization.

18. Will on-the-job training be provided?

Why ask this question: This is an important question to ask as most organizations provide on-the-job training to their new employees. Training is crucial to get acquainted with all the requisites that you’ll be needing during the job.

19. Can you brief me about the training process?

Why ask this question: The training process that is carried out in the company is an important aspect for you to know. How long the training would be and what kind of training will be provided to you as a new joiner is vital for you to comprehend.

20. How early do you want me to join the company?

Why ask this question: Clarifying how instantly the employer wants you to join the organization will help you negotiate or reschedule your joining date accordingly if in case you are not available to join from the required date.

These were a few smart and important questions that would help you to get the most out of your job interview.


It is quite clear that asking questions from the interviewer after the interview is indeed a very intelligent thing to do. The smart interviewer or employer not only finds you confident enough but also thinks that you are a candidate that is seriously concerned about the job and the organizational goals. This also helps you to gain a deeper knowledge about the employer and the company, how they work, how they treat their employees, and how suitable the job profile is for you and vice versa.

So, the next time an interviewer asks you “Do you want to ask any questions”, you know what relevant questions to ask them instead of just simply saying a “no”!

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