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Qualcomm Interview Experience (On Campus)

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2020
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Qualcomm visited our campus for Internship to hire for both hardware as well as software profiles.

Round 1 [Written Test]:

1st Round was an online MCQ test conducted by HirePro, There were 3 sections,

Each section consisted of 20 questions of 1 mark each to be finished in 30 minutes. There was a negative marking of .25 per question.

  • Section 1(30 mins):
    First section was not so tough  there were aptitude questions along with few quant, word coding and logical reasoning questions.
  • Section 2(30 mins):
    Second section completely consisted of C output based questions. Most of them were time consuming bit manipulation questions ( almost 70 percent).
  • Section 3(30 mins):
    It was based on your preference (Computer Science/Electronics). I chose Computer Science and there were questions from DS, OS, Architecture and Networking, Digital Logic. Most questions were from C, OOPS , few from DS.

Because of GATE experience i was able to solve most of the questions related to OS,DS, CO and Networking.
About 1/4th of the total strength was selected for the next round.

Round 2-a [Technical Interview]:

In my first technical round, he asked me:

To give my introduction and then he started explaining about Qualcomm. Since he was serving Qualcomm from past 17 years so my interview was more conversational rather than deep technical questions. He asked my favorite subjects and language on which i use to code. He asked me about how C++ was started and some compiler related questions, like why i prefer to code on C++ over other programming languages.

Coming to my resume he discussed about my technical skills and then projects which i have mentioned. It took about 20 minute where he gave me some counter situations related to each project. One of my project was on Machine Learning, so basic questions from theory of Machine Learning were asked. The interviewer was very friendly and wherever I got stuck, he showed me the right path. In between he asked me to write some codes related to linked list and asked about time complexity.

Since i mentioned my internship of NTPC in undergraduate, so there were some networking questions and he was trying to confuse me between all connecting devices like Router, Switch, Hub etc. And also some questions related to TCP/IP protocol.

Then he asked me about anything which fascinated during my undergraduation. So we had a long 30 minute discussion about Blockchain. He told me about various department in Qualcomm which are working on this technology. 


Round 2-b [Technical Interview]:

It was conducted for selected students, since i was selected for HR round just after my first round so i’m sharing my friends experience.

This was more technical and they were asked about some basic programming questions like: 

  • Time complexity comparison of different search algorithms
  • Maximum are of Histogram.
  • Implementation of Queues using linked list.
  • Difference between single linked list and double linked list (in-depth analysis)
  • Heapsort and Quicksort along with their analysis(time complexities)
  • Delete nth end from end of linked list
  • Segmentation, Paging, Demand Paging and Swapping.
  • Code to traverse a binary tree in Spiral form.
  • The producer-consumer problem.
  • Implement thread priority using a priority queue.
  • Implement Quicksort.
  • One puzzle: If we have three boxes each with two balls which can be either black or white are named wrong. Their name is such that it signifies the first letter of each ball’s color, which the box contained. For example a box containing a white and a black ball should have name: bb. But unfortunately all boxes are named wrongly. Find the minimum number of ball to be extracted to find out correct name of each box. Condition: each ball that is taken out should be replaced to the same box.
  • Check if link list contains a loop. Find the starting point of the loop.
  • Unbounded Knapsack

Round 3 [HR Round]:

It was basic HR round, She asked me about why you continued your education after your undergraduation, What profile are you interested in, and some simple career related questions. She was nice and friendly. Now we oftenly exchange some words after i got my job.

Overall it is all about CONFIDENCE and CONFIDENCE. Have a nice smile on your face and be comfortable. Everything depends on which direction YOU want to take the interview. Computer Science is an ocean you can’t know each and every concept neither interviewer want you to know each and everything. He watch how you tackle those situations and come up with best possible solution at that particular time.

Good Luck!! 

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