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Recently I interviewed with Qualcomm for the role of Software Engineer and in this article, I will share my interview experience with Qualcomm.

The interview process consisted of an online Hackerrank test, 3 technical rounds and 1 HR round.

All the rounds started with a brief introduction and general talk. For the coding questions asked in the technical round, you will be expected to come up with an algorithm and write a near-perfect code. There wasn’t any restriction on language to be used for coding and language syntax error was excused. But mainly they look into how you approach the problem and your thought process.

Technical round 1 :
Question 1:
Given 2 numbers implement an algorithm to perform XOR operation without using XOR operator.

Question 2:
Receive a series of String and Integer inputs. Whenever a String input is received, store the input and when an integer input is received, print the string input that was received at the input attempt equal to the integer value.
Eg: Input “ABC”, “XYZ”, “MNO”, 2, “JKL”, “DFG”, “CVB”, 5
On the input of 2 “XYZ” is expected to be printed.
On the input of 5 “DFG” is expected to be printed.

Question 3: Implement thread priority using a priority queue.

Question 4: Implement Quicksort.

Question 5: Check if link list contains a loop. Find the starting point of the loop.

Followed by SQL and NoSql related conceptual questions.

Technical round 2:

Question 1: Code to traverse a binary tree in Spiral form.

Question 2: The producer-consumer problem.

Follow up questions on Mutex and Semaphore.

Question 3: Design questions – Implement the forward and back button in the browser.
Implement browser history and a quick search on the history tab?

General questions related to the project and why I want to leave my current job.

Technical round 3:
Started with an introduction to the team I was interviewed for, what they do and big picture how it aligns with the corporate goals.

Question 1: Implement file upload functionality.
Follow-ups like: how do you change the approach if the file size is too big.

Scenario-based questions to test debugging skills.
Questions about innovations in current projects.

Followed by discussions regarding the role that I would be offered at Qualcomm, the work culture at Qualcomm and what would be expected from me.

HR round:
General questions, salary negotiations, and perks and benefits at Qualcomm.

After the interview, I received an online questioner form from HR and after a couple of days, I was asked to take the Hackerrank test. (Since I was directly called for interview, else this round would be the first elimination round)

Hackerrank round: Consisted of 3-4 coding question of easy to medium difficulty. Few MCQs based on Angular and C# concepts. (As the role was for Angular and C# full stack development)

After I aced all these rounds I was offered the job and received an offer letter after 3 weeks.

Tips: Be prepared on the fundamentals of computer science. It is important to have good preparation on data structures, OS, database concepts, multithreading to clear the technical interviews.

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