Python program to check if given string is vowel Palindrome

Given a string (may contain both vowel and consonant letters), remove all consonants, then check if the resulting string is palindrome or not.


Input :  abcuhuvmnba
Output : YES
Explanation :
The consonants in the string "abcuhuvmnba"
are removed. Now the string becomes "auua".

Input : xayzuezyax
Output : NO

Input : bkldhgcj
Output : -1

Remove all the consonants in the string. Check if the vowel string is a palindrome. If it is a palindrome print YES, else print NO. If string contains no vowels, then print -1.

Below is the Python implementation:





# Python program to check if given 
# string is vowel Palindrome
# Function to check if a given string is a vowel
def vowel(c):
    # creating a list of vowels
    v = list("aeiou")
    # if the character is a vowel return True
    if c in v: return True
    return False
# Function to check if a vowel
# string is palindrome
def palindrome(s):
    # create a empty list
    v = []
    # append all vowels into the list
    for i in s:
        if vowel(i):v.append(i)
    # if the length of the vowel
    # string is 0 then print -1
    if len(v)== 0: print("-1")
    # else check if it is a palindrome
        # create a reversed string
        x = v[::-1]
        # initialize a flag
        f = 1
        for i in range(len(x)):
            # if the characters are not the same 
            if x[i]!= v[i]:
                # set the flag to 0
                f = 0
        if f == 1: print("YES")
        else: print("NO")
# Driver Code
s = 'abcuhuvmnba'
# calling the main function




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