Python – Install Paramiko on Windows and Linux

The high-level python API starts with the creation of a secure connection object. To have more direct control and pass a socket to transport to start remote access. As a client, it’s authenticating using a user credential or private key, and checking the server’s host key. 

Paramiko is a Python library that makes a connection with a remote device through SSh. Paramiko is using SSH2 as a replacement of SSL to make a secure connection between two devices. It also supports the SFTP client and server model.


On Windows

To install Paramiko on Windows using pip run bellow command on cmd.

pip install paramiko


To check the installed paramiko run the following:

pip list


Install paramiko using .whl file ofline. To download .whl file

pip install paramiko-2.7.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl

Output :

On Linux

Python paramiko can be installed on Linux in many ways, using pip is one of them.

pip install paramiko

Output :

To check the installed paramiko:

pip list --format=json


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