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Python – Draw Octagonal shape Using Turtle Graphics

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  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2020

In this article, we will learn how to Make an Octagon using Turtle Graphics in Python. For that lets first know what is Turtle Graphics.

Turtle graphics

  • backward(length): moves the pen in the backward direction by x unit.
  • right(angle): rotate the pen in the clockwise direction by an angle x.
  • left(angle): rotate the pen in the anticlockwise direction by an angle x.
  • penup(): stop drawing of the turtle pen.
  • pendown(): start drawing of the turtle pen.



  • Import the turtle modules.
  • Get a screen to draw on
  • Define an instance for the turtle.
  • For a drawing, an Octagon executes a loop 8 times.
  • In every iteration move the turtle 100 units forward and move it left 45 degrees( corresponding to 135 degrees between two sides, so 180-135=45 degrees).
  • This will make up an angle of 135 degrees between 2 sides.
  • 8 iterations will make up an Octagon perfectly. 
    Below is the Python implementation of the above approach:


# import for turtle module
import turtle
# making a workScreen
ws = turtle.Screen()
# defining a turtle instance
geekyTurtle = turtle.Turtle()
# iterating the loop 8 times
for i in range(8):
    # moving turtle 100 units forward
    # turning turtle 45 degrees so
    # as to make perfect angle for an octagon



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