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Project Idea | Traverse Indoor (Gene Reader App)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2022
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Overview and Domain of Project

Traverse-indoor is a health care android application that aims at helping users to traverse them through their indoors by making them aware of their health status. As per the recent survey, India ranks second when it comes to diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid, and other common genetic diseases. Thus, it focuses on the most common genetic diseases and some other types of diseases highlighted by the recent survey in India. It also advises the users to practice a healthy lifestyle based on the results predicted by users’ symptoms and provides other necessary features which could uplift the living style of a person.

Purpose/Objective of the Project

The main inspiration behind this project is to propose a solution for 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals supporting Goal 3: “Good Health and Well Being“. We contribute to this aim by keeping in mind the following needs as explained below: 

  1. The most important part of our human body is our genetic makeup, but it’s becoming fragile nowadays by bad eating habits and other common factors. Thus, it is important to make them aware of their inner constituents at an early stage so that the latter effect of these diseases could be minimized.
  2. Apart from genetic diseases, most of the older and some younger generations are suffering from other diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, and many other that they are least aware of. So, it is important to make them aware of how prone they are to certain diseases and what precautions they can take to curb them from getting worsen.
  3. A large population including all age groups taking medicines regularly for some of the other diseases. So, taking medicines punctually is very important as many of us often forget to take or give medicines on time. This inspired us to include the feature of Setting Reminders in our applications that can notify our users and help them take good care of themselves as well as their family members.
  4. Here comes the need for this project as using an application is handier than using any other equipment. This application helps you know yourself better by answering all your questions related to your health and helps you take good care of yourself.

Features of Project

The project has the following features as explained below:

  1. Predictive – Analysis:
    • The user may get a detailed analysis of expected values and actual values of the traits based on predictions from the older generation.
    • It is also possible to predict the inherited traits for future generation possibility up to 50% based on single parent predicted data.
  2. Nucleotide BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) Operation with Google Search:
    • The user can have a detailed analysis of the DNA providing information about the proteins and mutations that occurred in DNA using NCBI BLAST Tool.
    • The in-app google search can be used to query the user’s doubts about the predicted results.
  3. Offline Medications:
    • The user is provided some common remedies and medication based on diseases predicted.
    • It also includes other common diseases apart from genetic diseases like flu, asthma, conjunctivitis, etc.
  4. Family Reminders:
    • The user can set reminders for their family members which will help the user to keep his family members updated for daily tasks such as eating medicine on time, doctor appointments, etc.
    • Provides functionality to call or SMS the user by sending the reminder template.

What does the Project do?

Most people today are suffering or are at an early stage of risk of genetic diseases. So it is important to make them aware of how prone they are to certain diseases and what precautions they can take to reduce the risk of getting worse.

Project ” Traverse – Indoor” takes all these facts into account and gives solutions to their problems to ensures healthy lives. It promotes well-being for all ages by helping the user to know themselves by the following steps explained below:

  • At first, the applications allow the user to create their family tree (up to 4 generations) for analyzing the predicted diseases in the family. Here the user inputs each family member’s details like name, date of birth (DOB), and relation with the user.
  • The user could see the result predicted by matching the symptoms that he/she observes in each individual (from older to the younger generation) which would give them expected value (based on their ancestor’s genetic trait ) and true value (computed from the symptoms a person acquired in real).
  • The current predictions are only confined to a small data set of genetic diseases, while it will be extended to larger data set in the coming future.
  • The user is provided the facility to perform Nucleotide BLAST Operation in the app itself, resulting in deeper analysis of proteins ( both useful and harmful) constituted in the DNA. The application also provides an in-app Google search for the user to search more regarding the predicted results in NCBI BLAST.
  • Users can have access to natural remedies and medications when in an emergency. It also offers some good eating habits for the user to practice a healthy diet.
  • The app can set reminders for his family members in the family tree with customizable messages from the app. It gives an option to notify the user via call or a message for his/her tasks.

Tools and Technologies Used in the Project


  1. Android:
    • Java
    • XML
  2. Firebase:
    • Firebase Authentication
    • Realtime Database Storage


  1. Android Studio
  2. AdobeXD
  3. GitHub

Required Skillset to Build the Project

A Step-by-Step Process to Implement the Project

1. Installing Project on Device:

  • Open the terminal and clone the repository using the command:

 git clone  


Download the project using the ‘Download Code’ button from the URL below:  

  • Open Android Studio and select open an existing Android Studio project. (Make sure you have installed the latest version of Android Studio and have the latest version of Android SDK installed)
  • Navigate to the folder Traverse-Indoor and select the app.
  • Wait for Gradle to build and run the project.
  • Connect USB to the device turn on developer mode of the app and allow USB debugging.
  • Click on the run button and wait for the app to launch.

2. Implementing Features: 

After the app is successfully installed, the user is asked to register with his basic details. After registration when the user logins, the user first begins with predictive analysis. It opens a family tree screen where the user needs to fill in the details and symptoms from the older to the younger generation. 

It helps people know the extent they have inherited or how probable an individual is to have that disease in terms of percentage. This prediction is based on the fact that the progeny(or next-generation) has equal chances of both alleles (alternative form of the gene) bought from both the parents while there is no blending or half passing of traits in the next generation. The results that a particular trait could be inherited, are shown as expected value while the actual acquired value for a particular trait based on the symptoms is shown as actual value.

This application also provides advanced searches using NCBI resources. Here the user searches deeper into the insights of genes by having his/her RAW DNA Data. When the user inputs the RAW DNA Data, it lists the predicted proteins (both useful and harmful) found in DNA. This operation is termed as Nucleotide BLAST operation. For results-related queries, it also has an in-app google search for the user to search more about the proteins and other stuff to query.

Apart from notifying users about their health status, it has something to offer. It helps users with some DO’s and DONT’s for the diseases they might be probable. It gives offline remedies and meditations to some other diseases apart from genetic diseases mentioned above which could help them in an emergency.

It also has a facility of setting reminders for family members for daily tasks like taking medicine on time, doctor appointments, etc. It also provides functionality to call or message on receiving the reminder.


For better visualization of output, please watch a 2-minute video(recommended) explaining a test case that would better understand the project.

For full working of the project only (without explanation) please watch the video below:

ER Diagram

DFD Diagram

Project Application in Real-life

  1. The symptoms for the same diseases vary from generation to generation and person to person. Hence, people remain unaware of the disease they are prone to. This project provides a feature to Match Symptoms to give an accurate percentage based on symptoms the person experiences.
  2. This application stands out to be a boon where people are unaware of what diet they should have and what they should not have when they are prone to suffering from some specific genetic disease.
  3. People compromise their health by repeatedly forgetting to take medications on time because of their busy work schedules.

Project Link: Github


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