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Project Idea | E-Ration Shop

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Introduction : Public Distribution System (PDS) is an Indian food security system. It is established by the Government of India under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution and managed jointly with state governments in India. The traditional PDS is used to distribute grocery items to India’s poor who are valid ration card holders. The validity and the allocation of the ration cards is monitored by the state governments. A ration card holder should be given 35 kg of food grain as per the norms of PDS.However, there are concerns about the efficiency of the distribution process. In order to make it efficient and improve the current system of PDS we are implementing e-Ration Shop. Here we are going to make a website for shopping purpose. Using this website ration card holder can order his/her grocery items from the FPS online. The main reason for using this website is making this process computerized and to remove the drawbacks of the present way of issuing products based on ration card. The main drawback in the current system is that the PDS has been criticized for its urban bias and its failure to serve the poorer sections of the population effectively. Also many retail shopkeepers have large number of bogus cards to sell food grains in the open market. Many FPS dealers resort to malpractice since they acquire less. Salary So, by this project we are solving this problem too . Most of the times Users do not get their rightful entitlement in terms of quantity. What’s meant for them or the farm produce procured by the FPS’s is diverted to the open market. So in order to avoid all these drawbacks we are going to use the e-Ration Shop which will help us to avoid the corruption in PDS if not eradicate it. Conceptual Framework

  1. Every shop’s geolocation will be located on the map.
  2. All the information regarding shop and shopkeeper respective to the ration card and region.
  3. Shop opening and closing details will be available .
  4. Stock provided based on category.
  5. Retailers can add , edit , delete and update their shop’s other items also.
  6. Retailers can advertise their shops also .
  7. The Stock availability will be notified on regular basis.
  8. Product delivery feature.
  9. Complaint forum for complaints by users.
  10. Easy payment system by PayTM , COD etc.
  11. The Admin and Moderator features for government and shopkeepers.
  12. Authentication system by aadhaar and OTP.
  13. The site will be available in HINDI and ENGLISH language both.

Tools Used :

  1. PostgreSQL database
  2. Ruby
  3. Rails
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. Javascript

Applications : 

  • This e-Ration Shop website is to give information related to card holders and to record all transactions.
  • FPS does not open every day, nor do they keep regular hours. Even on the days that the FPS is open, ration card holders have to stand in long queues. Generally FPS neither opens every day nor do they keep regular hours. This website will provide information about the day and time to report at e – Ration Shop for the food items that they can get on their ration card and several other periodic, cumulative reports , saving a lot of time and avoiding manual errors. This will also send them a notification e-mail providing information about the day and time when ration shop will open. This makes the card holders not to stand in queue for long duration of time.
  • No mechanism to identify inclusion errors such as duplicate, bogus and ineligible beneficiaries. As Aadhaar card is unique human identity and hence this is used in the FPS to make it foolproof. Hence duplicate, bogus and ineligible beneficiaries can be avoided.
  • Aadhaar-enabled payment system (AEPS) for ensuring better transparency and accountability.
  • Easy payment People can pay easily online through paytm , card and COD as well . It will lead to digital payment/cash-less transactions.
  • Online Complaint forum The department can take necessary action against fair price shop dealers in case of any serious complaint regarding service surface against them. License of dealers can be cancelled if reports prove allegations against them.
  • Retailers will be benefited and malpractices will be stopped Many FPS dealers resort to malpractice since they acquire less salary. Most of the times Users do not get their rightful entitlement in terms of quantity. What’s meant for them or the farm produce procured by the FPS’s is diverted to the open market. So, to avoid these problems and to help retailers also this website will have all the data regarding ration food products as well as there will be another category where retailers can sell the other items also of their shop. Also a column where they can advertise sales and offers.
  • More than one language This website will be multilingual. As it will provide content in more than one language, for example: English , Hindi . So, that people will be more comfortable in using it.
  • Products Home delivery Products will be ordered and delivered to home easily . It will save time and will be helpful for those people also who are not able to go for shopping manually.
  • On the whole,e-Ration Shop aims to ensure that only the entitled lot receives the subsidized food material and all other routine chores of inventory planning and reporting are done with least human intervention to ensure smooth operation of the PDS scheme , people can get all the benefits of the scheme easily and retailers can also some profit other than their salary.

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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