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Polestar Solutions Interview Experience

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Polestar Solutions will visit your campus for Placements. Registration will be done through the Vega_HR platform.

There’ll be 4 rounds:

Round 1: Aptitude and Technical MCQs: This round is easy and you can simply complete it if you have a practice of basic aptitude, pseudocode, and SQL.

Round 2: Communication Test: This was a non-elimination round (For 2023, it may change). 

  • Quite Easy, 3 general questions, you’ve to speak for at least 1-1.5 min each. 
  • Questions like: “Goals which felt achievable, but you were able to achieve it. Explain”

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • This round depends on your introduction and your resume. Do puzzles from GFG and be thorough with your resume. 
  • If you are a developer, then DSA is a must. Else the interview will revolve around, Puzzles, Maths, and Guesstimates.
  • I had a DSA round, 2 questions, One about Fibonacci and the other about shifting the odd numbers to the left and even numbers to right.
  • The time complexity of codes. My projects and my management skills.

Round 4: HR Round 

  • It’s an easy round and more or less, a communication round to check your personality and communication skills. 
  • All the best for your interviews. 
  • Prepare well and it’ll be a great experience.
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Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2022
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