Tally Solutions Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2018

Round 1:

It was Aptitude+Coding round on cocubes platform.Aptitude consisted of 3 sections(1hr), you could do any of the sections no time division was there.I personally did the third section first as it was quantitative ability questions(time, work, probability etc) which took most of the time.Time management is very important in this section.

After this there was a coding round (45 mins)comprising of three questions of 1, 2 and 3 marks respectively.It was different for everyone.Mine was

1.To find the sum of the squares of the number upto n.

2.To check whether the sum of the digits of a number is prime(e.g. 1234 1+2+3+4 = 10, again you have to find the sum until you are left with a single digit so 1+0 = 1).

I don’t remember the third question but i think i wrote the logic correctly for it (I was unable to compile it due to network error).So i successfully passed all test cases for 1 and 2 and i am not sure abouth third.

Around 250 students gave the test and 17 got shortlisted .We were called to the Tally Solutions office for further rounds.

Round 2:

After PPT we had G.D.(group of 6).

My topic was Do Brand Rules Our Life?
No one got rejected in this round but those who didn’t perform well in this round and did good in technical were rejected.

Round 3:

First technical round i was asked about my projects in my resume and final year projects.Then he asked if i coded in c++ or c.I told java and then he asked me two questions .

1.Print the kth element from end in a linked list in one pass. I didn’t get the solution in a single pass, after that he gave me a hint and i gave the solution.He then told me to write the entire code in paper without any error.

2.Find the first non-repeating character in a string in one pass.(told me to write in c).I didn’t get the exact solution and hence i got rejected.

(Hint: Use concept of Hashing).

Round 4:

This was final round(Technical + Hr).I heard from my friends that they were asked question on the basis of their resume mostly and general hr questions.

Out 0f 17, 5 or 6 got selected

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