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Gemini Solutions Business Analyst Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

After getting shortlisted, first round of interview was on guesstimates and statistics. Following questions were asked.

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Q1. what is correlation and how is it different  from causation.

Q2. How will you find the sale of cars in Delhi in particular year.

Q3. What is the probability of a boy if couple has two children.

Round 2:

Round 2  questions were more of to test on behavioral questions.

Q1. In a pond, each day no. of flower gets double, on which day, no. of flowers will be half.

Q2. What is regression.

Q3. What factors will impact the bond and create a model for finding the behaviour of bonds.

Q4. What is time series data and how is it different from panel data.

Other questions were of situational. For example, if your boss and you disagree on some results, how will you react in that situation.

Round 3: 

In final round, I was tested on game theory, mathematics and microeconomics.

Q1. I was asked about merge and acquisitions.

Q2. Bargaining problem of game theory.

Q3. To solve one theorem of maths.

Each of the interview were really hectic and  1.5 hours long.

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