PhaseZero Interview Experience – Java Developer Role

Round 1:

1)Given array of 0’s and 1’s. sort them.
2)Given a singly linked list. Reverse them.
3)Given a text file and search word, Find count of occurrences of given word.

Round 2:

1)Questions on inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism
2)Internal working of arraylist
3)HashMap and HashTable differences
4)How to adjust heap size of jvm without bringing down application down.
5)Difference between ClassNotFoundException and ClassDefNotFoundException
6)How to create customException.
7)Root class of Exception
6)Difference between Abstract class and interface. variables and methods definitions in each of them.
7)Given array of strings, print repetitive strings
8)Given a table with dept_id and dept_name columns and Student table with name, dept_id and marks, write query to
select students with marks greater than 75 of given dept name.
9)Final modifier on methods and variables.
10)Calling static methods in non-static methods and vice-versa
11)Final methods and variables
12)Singleton and Factory design patterns
13) Different ways of created objects
14)Methods in Object class
15)Life cycle of Thread. Difference between start and run methods
16)2 methods with same name and arguments but difference in return type

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