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Mentor Graphics Interview Experience | Set 2 (For Software Developer Role)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2017
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Overall 6 rounds( including HR & Coding test) (90 min)

1st round( Coding test)
Multiple choice questions were there on C, C++, Java fundamentals (program outputs). Typical puzzle questions were asked. Coding questions were there on Data structures & algorithms, problem solving skills. We need to write code for these questions with optimal time & space complexity. (string related, dfs, recursion)

After screening, called for face to face rounds

2nd round( F2F)

Asked one graph related problem for which we need to develop algorithm and then check all base cases and write the code

Question on depth first search & topological sorting

There was discussion on question in depth analysis & understanding the problem.

Optimizing complexities & related .

3rd round( F2F)

Asked two coding questions

On strings (not exactly LCS, but kind of..) & KMP algorithm.. and follow up questions

Second one on tree traversal (preorder traversal ) & symmetry related problem

complexity improvements

4th round(F2F) (Hiring Manager round)

He covered each and every detail from your project .. design & architecture ,contributions

Basics of computer science(java,sql, os, ds,algo, oops)

Given linkedlist problem

Asked tricky puzzles (analytical skills)

5th round( Director round)

Very important round

Asked design question on traffic signaling & finding avg speed f vehicle. we need to write code for this.

Java questions

asked behavioral questions too.

HR round:

Asked about all personal details, grades, achievements.. be frank

Prepare well on Data structures & algo, Puzzles, Project details, Java, Design questions..

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