Ola Interview Experience for Developer role

As per my personal experience. Before we think about the interview process, we need to be confident in what we know. We need to have a basic idea about the topics which are covered in any Technology.

We need to have all the ideas regarding topics and analytic skills regarding the technologies.

Round 1:Technical round:

It all depends on the interviewer. I am from .net background. The interviewer asked me about the Oops concepts with examples. Code explanation for all the oops concepts.

As I got questions like:

1.Reverse sting

2. palindrome of a string

3. palindrome number

I qualified for the first round. As I say that logical coding or logical thinking is more than enough.

Round 2:

As the round starts, the interviewer started asking topics related to arrays.

  1. arrange the array of numbers in descending order
  2. Find the maximum number in an array

Topics related to an abstract class, interface class with the example given by the interviewer. I need to explain the flow and the use of those classes and why we use those classes.

Most interviewers will ask on practical knowledge and practical behavior of the technologies and skills which we use.

There are lots of questions which have been asked me.

Round 3:

In a few companies, this will be the managerial round. Even though, the questions asked are about the design patterns, architectural questions.

Basically we need to be in full enhance the way of learning which can be visualized.

So, my suggestion is all about. There are a lot of websites and video tutorials for interview preparation. Instead of learning the interview questions for interviews, learn with practical implementation just with a small example for each topic.

Thanks, All the best for the interviews.

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