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Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Written Test:-

A. Objective:
They conducted a written test having 50 question. Time: 1 hour.
Questions asked from 1. (pointers) C, 2. networking(tcp/ip basic protocols ), 3. c++ (overloading ,theoretical questions), 4.OS (job scheduling, deadlock, paging), 5.aptitude (5 or 6 questions), 6. DS (BST, linked list, stack, queue), 7.may be some questions are from dbms i guess 🙂 (public key)
Time was less but questions were tricky.
No negative marking

B. Coding round:
A data structure question was asked ,we have to write full code in 20 minutes but no need to write the executable code.

C. Essay:
They gave a topic (how to improve traffic conditions in India) and we had to write an essay in 10 minutes. They selected 19 or 20 members for interviews and i am one among them 🙂

Interview consists of 2 rounds: first round is technical round followed by hr round. In technical round he asked me questions from C, C++, OS, DS, Netwotking. In this particular interview they tested my basic knowledge in different subjects rather than in-depth knowledge in single subject.interviewer is senior project manager and he is very friendly

I remember some questions

1. Difference between c and c++.

2. What is resource management.

3. What is error handling and have u experienced it practically?

4. What is data structure and why we use different data structures

5. He asked me questions about GUI and API (i said i don’t know much about them)

6. He asked me about my previous projects.

7. Diff between call by value and call by reference.(didn’t ask the question directly,he gave me some code and asked me questions like what is local variable ,what are arguments and how does that function work)

8. Gave me one example of polymorphism .

9. What happens if we enter a URL in web browser how does it displays page .

10. Do you know basic protocols of each layer in tcp/ip model .

11. Mutex concept in OS.

HR round was just a formality .

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Are you a team player

3. What do you know about persistent systems

4. What do you do if your team mate doesn’t cooperate with you

5. He asked me about gap year

6. About work location preference

Thank you so much geeksforgeeks team.(BST and pointers topics are very helpful)

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Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2015
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