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Paytm Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2021
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Paytm visited our campus on 24th August for Software Engineer Role.

Round 1: Coding Round

This one happened for 70 mins where we were given 3 coding questions to solve.

After this, all the shortlisted student lists came in which total of 88 students was shortlisted and Interviews started on 26 August before that there was a PPT presentation that happened around 30mins.

Round 2:Technical Round 1

My Interview was started normally with my introduction and then he moves to the coding questions.

  • He asked me the first question: find repeated and missing number in the array and also told that array was unsorted.  
  • He asked me the approach, First I explained to him the brute force method later he asked me to optimize it.
  •  He then moves to the second question: Detect loop in the linked list.
  • He again asked the approach I explained the best approach using two pointer method then he modified the question to convert circular 
  • link list to singly link list I was a little stuck into this question but at last, told the approach.
  • He then moves to the third question: Implement level order traversal he told me to write code into the editor. I implemented the code.

Then he moved to the SQL query question there were two tables given. The first question was a normal group by and the Second was of subquery  

I was able to write both the query. All technical questions were completed. He asked me if there were any questions for him from my side and left the meeting. This round took approx 1 hour.  

  • I was very much confident that I will receive the link for the second round
  • And Finally, I got a mail for the 2nd Technical round after 2 hours.

Round 3: Technical Round 2

The interviewer was so cool. Started with my introduction and about the projects. As I have done web development projects he asked me to open the website I hosted and told me to explain about it. He asked me about some optimization in my project and which is the best way for scaling your project. After discussion on the project for 15-20 minutes. He moved to coding questions:

I solved both questions, the second question took me about 20 minutes to implement but I solved it successfully.

Verdict: Selected 

A total of 19 students were given the offer, and I was one of them.


  • Be confident and make the interview interactive, don’t panic, Before answering any question clear all your doubts.
  • I would like to Thank GeeksforGeeks for such wonderful content and detailed coverage of all topics.

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