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Paytm Interview Experience for Quality Assurance Engineer | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021
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Hey everyone, I am glad to share my Interview Experience of Paytm Noida On-campus drive. Company came for (CSE, IT, ECE branches). Criteria for the company was of 60% throughout 10th, 12th and B.Tech. In our college around 200 students were eligible for company (around 40 people for QA)

Round 1 Coding Test (70 Min): The round consisted of 3 coding questions. There were around 3 – 4 sets of questions. Question were as follows:

  • An implementation based mathematical question.
  • Given a date (date, month, year). Find out the day on that date. Here is the link .
  • Minimum Number needed to convert a string to desired string. You can find the same question on GFG. Here is the link .

  I solved two questions completely and in one question there was one test case that was not passing. I know the solution was right still it got failed. Later on I came two know almost every student’s third question was showing the same error. Students with at least two questions correct made it to the next round. 63 Students cleared this round (12 people for QA).

Round 2 (Interview Round – 1): Interviewer was very nice and polite. First, she told me to introduce myself. Then said to explain one of my projects that i feel made me proud. Then  she started asking questions. Questions were from DBMS, SQL. Some questions on skills you mention in resume. They were as follows:

  • About browser DOM.
  • Development Tools present in browser and their significance.
  • How can we hide elements in DOM.
  • What is POSTMAN? Its uses.
  • What is Web Service and API’s.
  • Joins and its types. Query on join.
  • SQL Query to find the third highest salary of an employee from Employee Table.
  • Discussion Rank in MySQL and difference between their functions.
  • Do you know git? Some commands (only asked because I wrote it in resume)
  • How would you test a Login Page? What are the test cases.

Interviewer seemed satisfied. The Interview round took place for 40 minutes. I cleared the round.

Round 3 (Interview Round 2): The person was nice and cooperative. He told me to Introduce myself. Then said to explain one of my projects. The he started asking questions. Questions were from JAVA, OOPS, DBMS, SQL. They were as follows:

  • Explain OOPS
  • Difference between encapsulation and abstraction.
  • Static keyword in Java
  • Final Keyword in java and application-based question on it.
  • Overriding in Java
  • Interfaces, multiple inheritance.
  • What does ‘s’ stand for in OOPs.
  • Join operation.
  • Normalisation in DBMS.
  • Some SQL Queries
  • What are the test cases of a Telivision Remote
  • What things to take care in terms of security in login page
  • What is STLC, SDLC?
  • Missing and Repeating Number Problem.
  • Merge sort of two linked list.

Interviewer ended the interview on positive note. The round took place for around 50 minutes. I cleared this round.

Round 4 (HR Round): The interviewer asked to introduce myself. She said to tell me about my hobbies, how i spend my spare time. Are you okay with relocating? Then the call ended and she said to wait for final decision and will be informed later to college.

Outcome: I got selected for the job. Total selections 27 (5 for QA role).


  • Prepare JAVA as it is java based company. I referred interview question from Javatpoint, Gfg.
  • DBMS is important along with SQL (JOINS are the most important concept they ask).
  • Can practise SQL queries from W3Resource Website. DBMS from Interview Bit Interview Question for DBMS.
  • OOPS from GFG.
  • DSA (medium level) from GFG.
  • Read Interview Experiences from GFG and Glassdoor.

Also, would like to say thanks to GeeksforGeeks Interview Experience articles they help a lot and provide trustful knowledge regarding company round and the resources that they provide for preparation.

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