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Overview of Sprint and Sprint Call

  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021

Prerequisite : Scrum, Scrum Methodology

Sprint :

Sprint is a short term period in which Scrum team works to complete certain amount of work. Sprints are based on agile methodologies, it’s the heart of scrum. It helps the team to make project more manageable, helps team to SIP high quality work and gives more flexibility to the team to adopt changes which makes the work more faster and smoother.

Sprint Plan : 

Sprint plan is a meeting held by Scrum team where the team can determine how to achieve the work goal and discusses their initial plan for completing backlog items. A new sprint starts as soon as the last Sprint ends.

Factor affecting Sprint plan :

Following factor are affecting sprint planning

  • Technical dependency
  • Product owner /customer relationship
  • Poor communication
  • Team behaviors
  • Lack of domain knowledge
  • Team leadership
  • Quality of requirement information
  • Quality level preparation
  • Individual preparation
  • Disturbing meeting place or time
  • Lack of team member involvement

Advantages of sprint planning :

  1. It provides a communication platform for the team member in which team members get opportunity to identify their dependency, capacity to achieve goals and plan to achieve them in current sprint.
  2. It helps to deliver in early Sprint by break the backlog into smaller tax and complete it step by step by the team and prioritizes the backlog with the most important items at the top.
  3. The team members choose their goal based on current sprint by there capacity and it helps to avoid unnecessary stress for the team member.
  4. Sprint planning creates more focus on work improve moral and transparency which helps in controlling the project as a result it creates better product and more frequently to enhance customer satisfaction.

Challenges in sprint :

The team has random Product Backlog item which create problem to complete sprint goal. It can be avoided by having ordered product backlog and the team can ask the product owner about the Product Backlog Item and set a goal according that.

The team picks work more than one product as they are work on multiple products so it’s needed to create a list and complete it by time duration of every product.

A sprint goal can effect by defect, incident and service request, so to get higher quality product those defects most be resolved.

To avoid transparency issue team must avoid sub tasks and skilled Base tasks.

Goals like high-quality works meet all acceptance or deliver all the backlog items are not only important things in Sprint goal, user must get benefit from the sprint is the most important thing in sprint planning

The sprint planning step :

  1. Remind the team of the goal
  2. Discuss every information that may impact the plan
  3. Determine the velocity that may use in release
  4. Determine team capacity
  5. Confirm current issue and resolve every defect
  6. Make an update based on skills technology or team member changes
  7. Complete every backlog items
  8. Determine the need and estimate the work owned
  9. Confirm dependencies discovered on planning and record
  10. Scrum master call for a group counselling on the plan
  11. Team product owner signal if this is the best plan they can create
  12. Get back to work again

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