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Overview of Data and Information

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In this article, we will discuss what is data, the importance of data, and how it played a great role in today’s generation along with that we will discuss what is information and its uses. So, let’s go a little bit deep into this article to understand the concept well. 

Data :
Data is derived from the Latin word “datum” which elaborates “something given”, so data can be defined as crude and unordered facts that need to be processed to make it organized. Although data can be present everywhere in our daily life, it is our responsibility how to collect the data from the different corners and then process the data to get some useful insight from it which can be useful for our particular use. Data can be anything it can be in the form of symbols, characters, numbers, images, etc. Data is always interpreted by humans or machines to make it organized in particular order to derive its meaning.

Wrong Interpretation of data :
There may be chances data can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Because when the data is been processed the methods or the technique is been followed to interpret the data can be wrong which results in the wrong outcome and if those outcomes will be used for some purpose it will surely lead to failure of the process. So it is very important to take serious steps while processing or manipulating data. Suppose for example in an exam your percentage shows a rise of 10% as compared to the previous attempt but if originally the total marks are less as before so in this case, your marks have underperformed from the last attempt.

Role of Data in Today’s Generation :

  1. Data plays a great role in business organizations to help in making decisions wisely.
  2. Data will provide support to your presentations.
  3. Proper interpretation of data leads to different theories.
  4. Data saves your time by understanding the real problems.
  5. Data help you in guiding whether to invest or not.
  6. Everything you store in today’s world is in the form of data.

Information :
The raw data is collected, after processing this raw data the outcome is information. This information can be defined as when the data is processed, organized, and presented in a specific context to serve its use is called information. The information doesn’t have any existence without data, mostly information have measuring unit like quantity, time, etc. There are also a lot of differences between data and information. For information to be useful, the process data has the following characteristics which are:

  • Time – Information should be available at any point in time whenever it is required.
  • Accuracy – Information should be actual and organized only then it can serve its purpose.
  • Completeness – Information should be finite and consistent.

Some examples of information :

  1. Information about transportation systems such as train schedules.
  2. Geographical information such as direction.
  3. Payslips
  4. Bank passbook
  5. Printed documents.

Role of Information in Today’s Generation :

  • The information helps in generating new information which can be new theories, a new idea’s or new discovery.
  • The information helps in the duplication of research because it gives an idea of what already has been discovered.
  • Information technology helps to build and emerge the growth of commerce and business sector and generate maximum possible output.
  • Information technology has played a great role in the creation of employment.
  • Data analysts, systems architect, hardware engineer, and software developers, and web designers all beholden their jobs to information technology. Without such advancement, these jobs would not be entertained.
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Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021
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