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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 65 (OFSS for Associate Application Developer)

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Recently Oracle visited our campus IIT Bhubaneswar and here are my experiences…

Round 1:

It’s an online MCQ round in which their is a timer set for each section..Total there are three sections

  1. Coding Skills(10 MCQ’s)-10 questions in 20 minutes, questions are mostly based on AVL Trees and Java related.
  2. Software Engineering Aptitude – questions on flow chart, compiler steps,etc..
  3. Computer Science knowledge – Mostly on DBMS, normalisation and some OS questions.

Round 2 : Technical Interview
It’s a F2F with two interviewers at once, they asked to introduce myself ,which state i belong, programming languages I know and they were noting my responses in the feedback form.

They started asking questions from my resume about my projects, internships and asked about genetic algorithm(which i did in my intern).

  • Then he asked me about sudoku problem, rules of playing..etc in which given the square number(total 9 squares in sudoko),we have to return the 3*3 matrix of that square..this is an easy question i came up with solution and then he asked me to code.
  • He asked me how the rules of sudoko change when 2-Dimensional Sudoku becomes 3-Dimensional Sudoko. Then he asked how to solve by code..I gave back-tracking approach.
  • Then he asked me whether can I apply Genetic algorithm(which i did on project) to solve the sudoku..after some time and discussion on it I tried to convince the interviewer by some approaches..
  • Then he asked me some mathematical question ,where we are given 5 schools, 2 colleges, 3 hospitals and two grounds..question is what is the minimum encoded number to uniquely identify the given particular school/college.
  • Then he asked me difficulties faced while doing natural language processing on a sentence to find whether a sentence is positive or negative based on given set of words which are already varied classified whether they are positive or negative..Here question is more about challenges than the algorithm itself.

The problem is that they are not encouraging and one interviewer seemed to be very disinterested in the whole process.

Finally he asked me to wait till they get back after lunch (waited for almost 6 hrs).  After that I was rejected without any further round been taken(after waiting for 6hrs),I felt very bad because my whole day is wasted..overall a very bad experience to experience such things from a reputed company.

Round 3:

Others who were selected had gone through technical round and an final hr round.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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