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New Games inspired by Google generative AI

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Imagine a space where artists are like scientists, playfully experimenting with cutting-edge technologies to bring art and culture closer to you. Their latest games involve crafting innovative ways for you to engage with culture on the digital canvas. Let’s put lights on a creative journey with two brand-new experiments crafted by our Artists in Residence. These playful games, currently accessible in specific countries, delve into the world of artistic interaction with Google AI. The goal? To spark user’s creativity and make cultural learning and discovery an exciting game.

Ever wondered about the “art of the prompt”? Now’s your chance to explore it firsthand and put your cultural knowledge to the test. These engaging games are currently making waves in select countries, with plans to reach even more corners of the globe in the coming months. Get ready to unleash your artistic spirit and dive into a world where technology and culture dance hand in hand!


Say What You See

Discover the magic of crafting prompts and enhance your ability to interpret images by engaging in a fascinating experiment designed by the artist Jack Wild. In this game, your task is simple to examine images generated by Google AI and tell what you observe. The challenge lies in your descriptions, as they will serve as prompts for images inspired by the ones you’re analyzing. However, success is only achieved if your descriptions meet the predefined visual standards for each level, putting your image-reading skills to the ultimate test.

Think it’s a breeze? Brace yourself, because with each level, the difficulty levels go to another level. Throughout the process, you’ll receive valuable tips on refining your prompts. Pay close attention, as you’re granted three attempts for each image to meet the visual threshold, and the complexity of each level gradually increases. Are you up for the challenge? Dive in and let the journey of improving your image-reading skills begin!

Click here to Play Say What You See


Say What You See Game

Cultural Icons

Discover the fascinating universe of Cultural Icons, an online experiment crafted by artist Gael Hugo. This unique experience invites you to delve into AI-generated iconography, participate in cultural dialogues with Google’s generative language model, PaLM2, and put your cultural expertise to the test with interactive games.

Engage in charming conversations and expand your knowledge by clicking on each cultural icon. Whether you’re eager to learn more about a specific icon or up for a guessing game, AI is here to make the experience both informative and entertaining.

It’s worth noting that while PaLM2 offers insights into historical events and interesting tidbits, the accuracy of the chat isn’t independently verified. For a deeper understanding of Google’s AI policy, it’s recommended to check their official guidelines. Keep in mind that all the images you encounter in this exploration are the creative output of Google AI.

Click here to play Cultural Icons


Cultural Icons Game


Lets venture the journey at the nexus of art, technology, and culture with Google’s generative AI-inspired games. In “Say What You See,” crafted by artist Jack Wild, challenge yourself to refine image-reading skills through the art of prompt creation, navigating increasing difficulty levels that push the boundaries of creativity. Meanwhile, in “Cultural Icons” by artist Gael Hugo, dive into a universe of AI-generated iconography, engaging in charming conversations, expanding cultural knowledge, and participating in interactive games that seamlessly blend learning with entertainment. These games, currently available in selected countries, promise to expand globally in the coming months, offering a dynamic fusion of technology and culture. Click, explore, and let these games be a celebration of the limitless potential when art and technology intertwine, inviting you to unleash your artistic spirit and embrace a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2023
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