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Nearbuy Interview Experience | Set 4 (2 Years Experienced)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2018

Round 1: It was a HackerRank coding round with 3 questions (DP, string manipulation) (1 hr)

Don’t remember exact questions.

Round 2: It was a F2F Technical round(1 hr)

  1. Your projects in previous company. Technologies you have used
  2. Java, OOPs questions on inheritance, abstraction, interface, collections
  3. Given two string check whether second string is rotated version of first string (Optimal solution required)
  4. You are given a list consisting dates and a Map consisting week days as keys and true /false as value. Like:
    date list={22nd Jan, 23rd Jan, 27Jan, 29Jan ….}
    Map= {Sunday:True, Monday:True, Tuesday:False…}
    Need to find all range of dates which are true.You can use Java libraries .O(n) solution with 1 traversal required

Round 3: It was a F2F Technical round(1.5 hr)

  1. Your projects in previous company. Technologies you have used
  2. List down all the Java api’s you have used so far. Questions on Java API
  3. Explain working of Hashmap
  4. Write production ready code to remove all duplicates from arraylist(Optimal solution required).
  5. Diff b/w Iterator remove and ArrayList remove
  6. Hibernate Question : how to apply manytoOne, OnetoMany joins, Criteria API, Caching
  7. Design Patterns: Singleton and others
  8. Write basic Sql queries
  9. There is stream of data coming at every hr consisting n Products and their sold count. We need to find the product that has been sold maximum in last x hrs. Design Database for given problem

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