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NCS Group Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2022
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NCS Group is a multinational information technology company headquartered in Singapore. Found in 1981 as an agency of the Singapore government. 
it was privatized in 1996 and subsequently become part of the Singtel group in 1997. NCS has over 12,000 staff located in more than 20 cities across the Asia Pacific.

Recently It started its hiring via the Talent Battle platform. I got a chance to be a part of it.

There were total of 5 rounds in this hiring process. These 5 are given below:
1. Aptitude rounds
2. Communication Round
3. First Technical Round
4. Second Technical Round
5. Technical & HR Round

Note: Each round was an elimination round.

Let me share my experience of all these rounds and some tips to clear the same.

1. Aptitude Round: The aptitude round was of 1 hour having 50 questions from 5 different sections. For each section, a fixed time was allocated and you have to the problems in the allocated time frame only. Questions in this round were of easy and medium level. There were 1/3 negative markings for each wrong answer so don’t guess any question if you don’t know the answer. 

I would suggest if you don’t know the answer of a question, then just skip it and start the next one to save your time.

2. Communication Round: Once you clear the first round, you will get a mail for the communication round in which you have to answer some questions as suggested in the mail itself. Make sure that you are enough confident while answering the questions and your background should be clear for the video. In my case, Maximum length of the video was 3 minutes. Once you are ready with the communication video you have to submit it on the link already provided in mail.

3. First Technical Round: Well, once you clear the Communication round, you will get a mail for the first technical round, where you have an option to choose a time slot for the same. The technical round was started with introduction, then project mentioned in resume and then 2 coding questions were asked.1st was easy one from array and 2nd was bit trick from string. In my case I have solved both the questions and interviewer was happy with my answers.

For this round, I would like to say first clearly understand the problem statement and be clear with you logic, you can crack it easily.

4. Second Technical Round: Once you clear the first technical round, you will got an email for second technical round. This round was bit tough as compare to first round. In my case interviewer started with technology I have used for my project and reason why that specific technology only. Then he asked some questions from SQL, operating system and DBMS.
After that one problem statement was given and I have to code for the same. I have almost answer all of the questions and overall it was good for me. For this round I suggest don’t lie in your resume otherwise it may have bad impact on you.

Note: First 4 rounds were held by Talent Battle team and 5th round was held by NCS Company officials.

5. Technical & HR Round: After clearing all the 4 rounds, I have got an email for 5th and last round. This round was less technical but more behavioral. There were 2 interviewer and it was started with my introduction, project and different kinds of scenarios were given to answer. At the end they were asked whether I am ok to re-allocate and that’s how it goes well.

After 20 days of this round, Final result was announced and I got my offer letter from NCS Group. Hope it help other geeks in their preparation. Happy Learning…!!

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