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Nagarro Interview Experience for Senior Engineer (Frontend) | 3-Years Experienced

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Round 1(Aptitude IQ Test): 50 Logical ability, mathematical and image patterns questions are to be done in 20 minutes. A minimum cutoff has to be cleared. (ask your recruiter)
Tip – majority questions are of image pattern, so try to solve those first as they take lesser time

Round 2(Online Coding – Time: 90 mins): 3 questions are asked with one high difficulty level.

  1. Find the second largest number in an array,
  2. Find the number of decodings of digit sequence.
  3. Given a number n find the number of pairs (x,y) where both x and y are less than n and highest common factor (hcf) of x and y is 1 

Round 3(Technical MCQ – Time: 3 hrs): 200 questions

  •  Since I applied for senior frontend role (React), I was asked questions on following topics – Javascript (easy, medium, hard), HTML, HTML5 api, CSS, SVG, React (easy, medium, hard), UI/UX related
  • A very lengthy and tiring round. 

A minimum cutoff of 80 correct questions.

Round 4(F2F Technical – Time: 20 minutes): Basics of React, HTML and CSS were asked like –

  1. What is event bubbling? How to stop it?
  2. Forward refs in React?
  3. Pseudo elements in CSS?
  4. Local and session storage capacity?

Round 5(F2F Techincal: Time – 1 hr): Questions related to project, architecture, resume, CI/CD process, Reactjs


Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021
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