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Microsoft Interview Experience | Senior Software Engineer (4 Years Experienced)

Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2020
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I recently interviewed with MS Hyderabad for Core Services Engineering team.
Please find the questions asked below –

Round 1 –

  1. Two tables employee (contains name and Id) and employee details having work experience history (contains Id, fromYear, toYear) – find out all the employees who worked w/o career break.
  2. Java implementation for the same.
  3. From the same table list the name, fromYear, toYear for all employee.
  4. Dependency Injection.
  5. Design patterns.

Round 2 – 

  1. PostOrder traversal of BST – iteratively.
  2. Given two very large files – first contains Id and name, another one contains Id and address – you need to create 3rd file which will contain id, name, and address. -First,  ask the clarifying questions and then tell the approach.

Round 3 –
1.What is microservice? And a lot of discussion around microservice vs monolithic. Advantages and disadvantages of both the architectures.
2. Cloud design patterns.
3. A lot of discussion around performance and Performance Metrics of your service.
4. If you multiply a 4 digit number – abcd – by 4, it produces another number – dbca. Solve for a, b, c, d. These belong to [0-9]
And all are distinct.

Round 4 (Hiring Manager) – In this round, the whole discussion was around my current project, its scalability and security issues. Also some design principles like – types of caching and when to use which one, the difference between sql and nosql – were asked.

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