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Mumble vs Discord: Which is best as Virtual Chatting Platform?

Last Updated : 01 Mar, 2024
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A business cannot exist without customers, as they are a vital part of an organization’s DNA. But how can effective business communication strategies be implemented?

Chat platforms help businesses to create seamless communication with website visitors and customers. You can use virtual chatting platforms to polish the online communication process by adding live chat to your website so your customers can message you in real time to resolve their queries or problems.

Mumble vs Discord: Which is best as Virtual Chatting Platform?

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you must know how to improve your customer service, which you can do easily by using these virtual chatting platforms. Two such platforms are Mumble and Discord, offering features that can help personalize your prospect’s experience and increase client engagement.

In this blog, we will compare Mumble vs Discord and learn about their features and pricing so that you can choose the best one as per your business goals.

What is Mumble?


Mumble is an open-source voice chat program for organizations and business owners. It has low latency and offers high-quality services. A few years back, it was the only VoIP program providing low latency audio connection. Today, other than providing low latency audio connection, it allows users to communicate with each other on the same server.

Using Mumble is straightforward. Here are a few simple steps on how to use this platform-

• First, download the Mumble app or software on your desktop or mobile. After you install the software, you need to open the mobile client-server.

• As you click on ‘Server,’ you will see a list of options. Select ‘Connect’. It will open the ‘Mumble Server Connect’. Tapping on this option will open a new window; click on ‘Add new.’

Server option

• Now, enter a label for your server and put in your server address and port. You can put in any username you want and click on Ok.

How to use-Mumble

• The last step is to click on your newly created server and choose ‘Connect’.

Now, you are all set to use Mumble.

Features of Mumble

Here are some of the dynamic Mumble features that can help you and your business stay connected regardless of anyone’s location or device-

• Mumble’s automatic volume normalization feature adjusts the volume of each user’s voice

• It enables chat encryption for people concerned about their privacy

• It comes with a Push-to-Talk button; a handy instant mute system

• The platform has no limit on the total number of channel users

• It supports positional audio for more than 50 games.

Pricing Model of Mumble

Pricing is significant when comparing Mumble vs Discord, as it is a major factor in deciding whether you want to opt for the platform or not. Here is the good news: Mumble is free to use. There are no premium plans.


What is the Discord platform?


Discord, in no time, became one of the widely used platforms for communication and socializing among online communities and gamers. Using this platform, you can do direct or group messaging, live streaming, and voice & video calls. It is very easy to use, and the Discord app works on both desktop and mobile platforms.

To start using this platform, you need to follow a few simple steps-

• The first thing you need to do is to download the Discord app, create an account for free

• You can start your video meeting with someone already using the server. If you know their server link, you can connect with them; otherwise, you can ask them to send you an invite.

• Now you need to click on the “+” icon at the bottom and choose the “Join the Server” option

• Now paste your link to the “Invite Link” field and click on “Join Server.”

Steps to Create a New Server

Below mentioned are the steps to create a new server-

• Open the Discord app and click on the “+” button available on the left side of the screen

• Now, click on ‘Create a server’ and give a name to it

Add a server

• After this, choose whether the server is for friends or community

• The last step is to click on ‘Create.’

You will be able to see the channels within the servers on the left side of the screen and the list of server members on the home screen on the right. At the top, you will have the option to add and message friends, search for the servers, and see if somebody has mentioned you in a conversation.

Discord home screen

Features of Discord

Comparing Mumble vs Discord is possible when we look at both platforms’ features meticulously. We have covered Mumble; now it is Discord’s turn:

• To enhance the safety of teenage users, Discord offers the ‘Teen Safety Assist’ feature

• It allows you to customize channels to make them suitable for news, gaming, streaming movies, etc.

Discord allows you to use the same account across multiple devices. You can access all messages and other data from any device that supports Discord

• This app allows you to create public or private spaces. Private spaces are invite-only channels where users can join only if the group creator invites them. On the contrary, public spaces allow anyone to join.

• Discord Server Subscription Options allow users to create their own servers for the community.

Pricing Module of Discord

Discord is free to download and can be used without ever paying for it.

It has two premium plans-

Nitro Basic ($2.99/month)

Nitro ($9.99/month)

Unlimited Super Reactions

Unlimited Super Reactions

Custom stickers anywhere

Custom stickers anywhere

Custom emoji anywhere and make them animated

Custom emoji anywhere and make them animated

Custom App Icons

Custom App Icons

50mb file sharing

500mb file sharing

Nitro badge on your profile

Nitro badge on your profile

Custom video backgrounds

Custom video backgrounds

HD streaming is available upto 4k and 60fps

Shop member pricing and exclusive items

Colors for your Discord Theme

Custom sounds anywhere

Join up to 200 servers

Longer messages up to 4,000 characters

Custom server profiles

Early access to Clips

Animated avatar, banner, and profile theme

2 Free Boosts + 30% off extra Boosts


Mumble vs Discord: Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart between Mumble vs Discord. This comparison will make it easy for you to compare and make the final decision-




Cloud Synchronization

Mumble does not allow cloud synchronization

Cloud Synchronization is allowed on Discord

Screen Sharing

Mumble does not have a screen-sharing feature

Discord allows for screen sharing

Server Limit

It does not have any server limit

The server limit of Discord is 5,00,000


Mumble servers are self-hosted

Its servers are hosted on Discord


Mumble lacks this option

Discord supports many apps, such as Zapier and many more

Mumble or Discord: Which is the best Virtual Chatting Platform?

Mumble and Discord offer excellent features, so choosing between them can be tough. Mumble is an open-source and free platform known for having low latency that offers high-quality audio. On the contrary, Discord is a robust platform that not only offers a voice/video call option but an additional screen-sharing feature as well.

Overall, Discord offers a better set of customization options if you comare between Mumble and Discord. Mumble is recommended for people looking for a voice chat application. At the same time, Discord is ideal for users who need a lot more features than just voice chat.


The confusion on Mumble vs Discord must be clear by now. So, if you are looking for a platform to communicate with your coworkers, talk to your friends or chat with your customers, these two apps can help. Using these tools, you will be able to communicate with people in real-time by chatting, sharing files, video conferencing, audio calls, screen sharing, and do much more.

You can choose any platform as per your criteria, but looking for security and ease of use is recommended before taking a bet.


What factors do you look for when choosing the virtual chatting platform?

Some factors you should look for before making an informed choice are ease of use, integration options, features, pricing, omnichannel support, and chatbots.

Is Discord good for larger groups?

You can easily manage large groups on Discord, as it allows you to make separate channels with different levels of access permissions for different users.

Does Mumble provide round-the-clock support?

Mumble offers customer support only through their online messaging form. Unfortunately, they do not offer phone support or live chat support. But, they do monitor their servers 24*7 to rectify server overload.

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