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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | 2020 Internship ( Virtual – On campus )

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Morgan Stanley recently came to my college offering internship with 2 categories – 6 Month internship for L.Y Students and 2 Month Internship for T.Y students. The Job Profile was Analyst .

The criteria for the  registration was CGPA above 8.5/10, although the company was flexible and allowed students even below the CGPA criteria to register for the internship, the company will shortlist those students having CGPA below 8.5 based on the resume of the students and participations in 

  • Hackathons
  • Coding Competitions
  • Project Competitions
  • Paper Presentation Competitions
  • Who are working in projects which are out of the box.

Students having Live KT were not eligible for the registrations.

After the Registration, the company shortlisted 127 students from the LY and an online examination was held on the aspireminds platform .The test had 3 sections and each section had individual time allotted for them 

  • Section 1– Aptitude Section which had 10 questions to be solved in 20 mins. The difficulty level of the questions was easy to moderate.
  • Section 2 – 7 Debugging questions and time to solve was 20 mins. One can choose any programming language for debugging and the section was quite easy and one having a basic understanding of programming can easily debug the questions.
  • Section 3 – This was the coding question having 3 Programming questions and one was required to write the whole code for the problems .The difficulty level of the program was easy to medium level. The time to solve 3 questions was 45 minutes.
    • Question 1- Given a number, find the lexicographically smallest number of the given number but the generated number should not start with 0. The constraints for the problem was positive as well as negative numbers.
    • Question 2- The question was based on the concept of Longest Common Subsequence.
    • Question 3 – The question was based on the level order traversal of tree and concept was to get the maximum sum of nodes at level and print the sum .

20 students were shortlisted for the interviews .

Technical Interview ( 60 mins )

The interviewer was friendly and asked me to open any editor and told me to write the full code to find Mirror Image of Tree and told me to explain the logic behind the code which I wrote . (Tip – Explain even the simplest of logic ) . The interviewer was very friendly and even gave some hints during the coding .

Second question he asked me was to Reverse a Doubly Linked List . Again make sure to explain the logic while writing the code.The interview went for about 45 minutes and the interviewer then asked me questions on OOPS concepts like Inheritance and polymorphism for the next 15 mins .

Second Round ( 45 – 60 mins )

The interviewer first asked me gneral questions like introduce yourself and my strengths and weaknesses . Then he asked me ” how will you design a system like Uber ? ” and then continued discussions on it for around 40 mins .

5 were selected for the internship.

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Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2020
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