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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Technology Analyst | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2024
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Morgan Stanley visited our campus on 21st July 2021 for hiring final year students for Technology Analyst Role at their Mumbai/Bengaluru division. 

About 350 people attempted the Online Assessment.

Online Assessment: The online assessment was conducted on the portal of the aspiring mind. The online assessment (2 hours) consisted of four sections:

  1. Aptitude
  2. Technical MCQ
  3. Code Debug 
  4. Coding Section

Aptitude: 10 questions 20 mins

Technical MCQ – Based on OS, DBMS, Networks: 20 questions 20 mins

Code Debug(Language option was provided – C/C++/Java): 7 questions 20 mins

Coding Section: 3 questions 60 mins. Questions were:

  1. It was a direct logic-based question.
  2. It was based on Merge Intervals concept.
  3. It was based on Longest Common Subsequence concept.

I did my Aptitude and Technical MCQ section decent and passed all test cases of the questions in Debug Section and Coding Section. You have to solve all the codes. Some of my friends for whom one test case alone didn’t pass were not shortlisted for the next round. 

After the online assessment, about 48 people were shortlisted – 26 people for App Development Track (Based on score in Coding Section) and 22 for Enterprise Engineer Track (Based on score in Technical MCQs). Interviews were scheduled to be conducted from the next day (21st July). I got shortlisted in the App Development Track. The Interviews were conducted on Zoom Platform from the next day(22nd) morning.

Technical Interview – 1: The interviewer started by just going through my resume and asked me to introduce myself and later moved on to the questions. He first started by asking questions based on OOPs principles, examples for the same, inheritance, and method overriding. After that he asked me to open my editor and code the following programs:

  • Maximum Root to Leaf path in a Binary Tree (Function Alone)
  • Minimum Number of platforms required (Output was expected). I made some syntax errors in this code which took some time to debug.
  • Then he asked me for a Low-Level System design for a parking lot which consists of 3 types of Vehicles – Bike, Car, Bus, and 3 types of Parking Spots – Bike, Compact, Large. The constraints given were Bike can be parked in any parking slot, Car can be parked in Compact and Large Slots and Bus requires five slots in Large Spot to be parked. He asked me to design the system, tell an efficient way for finding an empty parking slot for any vehicle and also how to optimize slot usages because a Bus requires five slots in a Large Slot so Bikes/Cars can’t be parked at random in a Large Slot. We had about 20-25 mins discussion about this system discussing various scenarios. 
  • After this, the interviewer asked me a SQL question which was to find the employees with maximum salary in each department with three different tables. I thought for a minute and I said I couldn’t solve the question so he moved on. 
  • He asked me about how data is stored in vectors in C++, how a hashmap works, Collision Handling, Memory Allocation for a vector. This round lasted for one hour.

Technical Interview – 2: I got a call about 45 mins after my round-1, asking me to join for the next round. There were two interviewers present. 

  • At first, they started with a simple coding question and asked me to write a code to find x^y.  
  • After that they started discussion about the projects in my resume. 
  • The different types of technological stacks used, Protocols used, how we built the project and everything in detail relating to that. 
  • Then they moved on another low level system design question. I was asked to design an application to similar to COWIN to facilitate people to book their vaccination slots in centers of their choice and also view the availability. They also expected me to handle concurrency issues which might occur multiple people book for slots at the same center and there is no doses available. We had a discussion regarding for about 30 mins relating the various functions, data structures that must be used for designing the application and how it works. This round lasted for 50 minutes.

Pro-Fit Round: Similarly, about an hour after my third round my Pro-Fit round was scheduled. 

  • An Executive Director from Morgan Stanley was the interviewer. 
  • He first asked me to introduce myself and then started explaining the various domains of technological work at Morgan Stanley and what my role will be. We had a discussion about the same for about half an hour. 
  • Then he moved on to my resume, asked about my team working skills, how I handle problems that occur during a project, and some basic technical questions like Binary Search, Heap, etc. This round also lasted for about 1 hour. 

A few days later the results were announced and I got selected for 6 months internship. They hired a total of 9 people – 6 got FTE and 3 got Internship.

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