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Mindfire Solutions Noida Interview Experience (For Internship)

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Round 1: Online coding round. 5 codes…
5. Number is power of two or not.
Round 2: Some online testing questions was give we have to write answer.
               total 8 modules and 28 questions.
Round 3 : Face to Face…
            1. converts lower case letter of string into upper case and upper case into                 lower case.(Running code with out bug)
             2. push and pop operations in stack (full code)
            3.What is Null pointer?
            4. Increment and decrements operator and working.
            5.Difference b/w structure and union?
            6. what is OOPS and its properties?
            7.  Whats is DBMS and its keys.
            8. call by value and call by reference.
Round 4:
             1. Some discussion about array and link list.
                 searching ,deleting. adding new element.
              2. Opps concept.Whats is constructer?
              3. Call by value and call by reference.
              4. Divide a string into two equal parts.
              5. Some query from SQL.
              Finally I got confirmation letter.

Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2015
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