Mindfire Solutions Interview Experience | Set 3

Hello Geeks! Here I share my rounds where I applied through their website and got shortlisted for the position of trainee S.E..
The usual procedure that Mindfire follows is
1. Coding test (online )
2. Psychometric test (online ) (No elimination)
3. Technical Interview (1-2, depends)
4. HR

Round 1:

First round was Coding test conducted by their IDE where you can program in any language like on Hackerrank IDE. 5 questions were asked from easy to hard where questions are as follows:
1. Program to find largest of three number.(5 Marks)
2. Program to find HCF of two number.(15)
3. Program to find reverse of input string in this pattern I/P.: Hello_World O/P.: olleH_dlroW(20)
4. Program to merge two strings like I/P: Strings, Hello O/P: SHterlilnogs(30)
5. String based question(45)

Don’t think you are going to be asked same questions, practice through Hackerrank and geeksforgeeks.

Round 2:

Psychometric Test(1.20 hrs)

Round 3:

Technical round
Introduce myself.
I was asked about Java basics and Python.
They were professional with Java so prepare well.
Questions were like:
Diff. betn. Class and Interface.
Diff. bet Python and Java
Is Python interpreter language?
Primitive data types?
Diff. Compiler and Interpreter?
Then they ask to solve a program based on string again i.e. to count unique words and print those words.

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