Milestones and Deliverable in Project Planning Activities

Project planning simply means to plan how to set up and complete the project with given time period. It includes defined stages that are required for project objectives with designated resources. It is very important task for business development as it helps in identifying desired goals, reduces risk, and lastly delivers product that fulfills requirements of customers.

The project manager should recognize in advance problems that might occur in future and should be ready with desired solution to fix those problems. A project plan should be prepared in advance from all gathered information that is required. A project planning process is iterative because new information gets available at each phase of project development. Hence, plan needs to be modified on regular basis for accommodating new requirements of the project.

  1. Milestone :
    When project begins then it is expected that project related activities must be initiated. In project planning, series of milestones must be established. Milestone can be defined as recognizable endpoint of software project activity. At each milestone, report must be generated.

    Milestone is distinct and logical stage of the project. It is used as signal post for project start and end date, need for external review or input and for checking budget, submission of the deliverable, etc. It simply represents clear sequence of events that are incrementally developed or build until project gets successfully completed. It is generally referred to as task with zero-time duration because they are used to symbolize an achievement or point of time in project. It helps in signifying change or stage in development.

  2. Deliverable :
    It simply means result or software product, designed document, or asset of project plan that can be submitted to customers, clients, or end-users. A deliverable should be completed in all aspects.

    It is an element of output within scope of project or processes in the project. The deliverables have a due date, are real and touchable, and measurable. The deliverable is simply given to client or customer and satisfies milestone or due date that is often created and produced during project planning. Deliverables are generally milestones but it not necessary
    that milestone is deliverable.

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