Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 57 (For SDE)

Round 1 (45 mins)
1) There was a detailed discussion on the project i did at Microsoft and also over the two projects mentioned in my resume.

2) There is a Bing log file containing the domain names. Design a cache memory system for faster dns look ups.( i suggested a Trie and a min heap based solution).
I was asked to make it space efficient. (I replaced trie with map)

3)There is a turn based 2 player game in which there are 9 pins and each player is allowed to pick either 1, 2 or 3 pins only. The last player to pick the pin is the loser.
Design winning strategy for such a game.

4) Generalize the above solution for n pins.

Round 2 (45 mins)
1)There is a large file with system memory limitations. How will you store it (i suggested Distributed system) and how will u work on it.

2)Suppose the large file contains name, address, Dob, pan no etc as attributes. Design class interface for such a system.The question was re framed again with more conditions which i am unable to recall now.

2)There was a detailed discussion over how the stl map data structure is implemented.

3) Discussion over hashing and collision resolution techniques.

Round 3(40 mins)
Discussion over my project followed by these questions:
1) Write the code to delete nodes in a binary tree which don’t lie in any path from root to leaf with sum>=k.

2)There is a rotated and pivoted array. Write the code to determine how many times the array is rotated. (i did it in O(log n)).

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